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Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

Hiyya, well this is the story of my holiday to Taiwan, read it
Taiwan to Bali wasted 5 hours and 40 minutes, so prepare your condition. It has many beautiful place to see. If you were a backpacker I suggested you to learn basic chinnese beacuse the people in there just few who can speak English and the worst of that they can read alphabet. Well well, just see this photos to know the beautiful place on it.

It's in Hua Lien city and the name's of it is Eternal Spring Shrine ( if I'm not false ) and suroound it there was marble mount and it has really awesome view. So the Travel Lover, take a note.

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda it's located in Kaohsiung city and you should go to there with plane from Taipei. There's a story , if you go through from dragon's mouth to tiger's mouth you will get lucky.

Wants to fill your closet with cheap price, try to come to Xi Men Ding. It's in Taipei Town and it always CROWDED. In here you can get shoes, shirt, T-shirt and many other things. And Dont Forget to try rice flour noodle in there. IT'S DELICIOUS

101 mall is such an icon in Taiwan. If you want to buy such a designer thing , please go there. But I suggest you just buy at Xi Men Ding. Forget about the designer thing and just go to the 99 floor fron 5 floor. 101 has the fastest elevator in the world, and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. From there you can see Taipei Town from above

Interesting isn't it

Heroes park. There's nothing special on it butit has the soldier whose like life statue just like in England. I suggest you to come at 4 coz there would be soldier shift change , so there wold be a parade.

Here the soldier with such a po po poker face maamammama.

In here you can see a plenty of budha statues. Oh yeaht the name is FO Kuang Shan. Worth it to come

Nothing special in Fiseherman Wharf in Tamshui Temple, except this place is meteor Garden setting. So if you F4 LOVER, take a note

If you're lucky enough , you will see the Air Force practicing with the plane. Chi Xing Bay also popular with the stone which I dont know the function and worth, but has beautiful view, isn't it

Ye Liu Park, the place that you dont want to miss. THey have uniquly stone like the pic above but sorry I cant take the Elizabeth Head Stone ( the icon ) becuase it's too crowded. Once AGAIN , DONT MIS IT

If you come to another country you should see the dance, right. But the dance in here use traditonal sound with disco beat and it's kindda weird. Well you can skip it , and go to anpther beautiful place.


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