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Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

Hiyya, well this is the story of my holiday to Taiwan, read it
Taiwan to Bali wasted 5 hours and 40 minutes, so prepare your condition. It has many beautiful place to see. If you were a backpacker I suggested you to learn basic chinnese beacuse the people in there just few who can speak English and the worst of that they can read alphabet. Well well, just see this photos to know the beautiful place on it.

It's in Hua Lien city and the name's of it is Eternal Spring Shrine ( if I'm not false ) and suroound it there was marble mount and it has really awesome view. So the Travel Lover, take a note.

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda it's located in Kaohsiung city and you should go to there with plane from Taipei. There's a story , if you go through from dragon's mouth to tiger's mouth you will get lucky.

Wants to fill your closet with cheap price, try to come to Xi Men Ding. It's in Taipei Town and it always CROWDED. In here you can get shoes, shirt, T-shirt and many other things. And Dont Forget to try rice flour noodle in there. IT'S DELICIOUS

101 mall is such an icon in Taiwan. If you want to buy such a designer thing , please go there. But I suggest you just buy at Xi Men Ding. Forget about the designer thing and just go to the 99 floor fron 5 floor. 101 has the fastest elevator in the world, and YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. From there you can see Taipei Town from above

Interesting isn't it

Heroes park. There's nothing special on it butit has the soldier whose like life statue just like in England. I suggest you to come at 4 coz there would be soldier shift change , so there wold be a parade.

Here the soldier with such a po po poker face maamammama.

In here you can see a plenty of budha statues. Oh yeaht the name is FO Kuang Shan. Worth it to come

Nothing special in Fiseherman Wharf in Tamshui Temple, except this place is meteor Garden setting. So if you F4 LOVER, take a note

If you're lucky enough , you will see the Air Force practicing with the plane. Chi Xing Bay also popular with the stone which I dont know the function and worth, but has beautiful view, isn't it

Ye Liu Park, the place that you dont want to miss. THey have uniquly stone like the pic above but sorry I cant take the Elizabeth Head Stone ( the icon ) becuase it's too crowded. Once AGAIN , DONT MIS IT

If you come to another country you should see the dance, right. But the dance in here use traditonal sound with disco beat and it's kindda weird. Well you can skip it , and go to anpther beautiful place.


Prince in the Future

Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

It's my tale which was I wrote when English praticum test. Enjoy it and leave me comment

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a young and handsome prince, whose name was Roran. He had everything in the world gold, lands, and people who loved him, but he didn’t have a mate. Many girls were dying to marry him, but Prince Roran didn’t feel right about ‘em because he needed someone who glowed form inside.

One day, to kill boredom, the Prince walked alone to the forest. He listened to the nightingale singing and for a while he forgot his worried about his problem not having a wife yet. Suddenly he saw old woman lied on the forest. He thought the old woman was die, but when he check her, she still alive and she said “ Oh, Your Majesty, I’m so hungry . Can you give me some food?”.

Then the Price gave the old woman an apple and bread which he brought. She ate it hastily like she never ate for 2 days. After had finished eating, she said to the Prince, “Thanks for your kindness, well I will give you something good”. Then she snapped her finger than the Prince was gone from the forest.

The Prince felt the world spinning round and round, then he’s blackout. When he finally woke up , he felt kinds of dizzy. So he sat for a little while, but when he already felt alright he couldn’t believe what his eyes had saw. The buildings were taller than a palace that he was used to live. There’s a ride without horse and it was faster than what he usually get in.” What a strange world that I visit”, thought the Prince. Then he saw a man with black suit and a cap (police , but the price don’t know it ) , then he said “ I will give you a land if you could take me to my palace”. The police laughed and he said “ Who are you? Are you a prince from Magical Land, just go to your circus man”. The police thought the prince were a man from circus and got drunk.

Frustrated with the police, he asked anyone else, but what he’d got just laughter and mock. “ Heaven Help, please take me back to the place where I belong to”, prayed the Prince. Suddenly he saw a girl, not really beautiful as the princess he used to see but she had something interesting with her, annoyed by people who brought black things with flash light ( it’s a paparazzi) . Then he tried to save her, he kick ‘em and broke their camera.

The girl thanked to the prince, and she introduced her name. She’s Amy a new it girl from this town. Everybody wanted to know her life , know her daily, know her opinion. Then She said “ Do you comes from what circus?
Then the prince shook his head and told his story. Amy understand that, and to pay Prince kindness she offered the prince place to sleep.

Lived with Amy was a wonderful day for the Prince. He never met such a lovely girl yet smart . She gave him new shirt , made a delicious food, and singing for him. He thought that he was fall in love with her. Then someday , when the full moon was shining the world, the Prince asked Amy to do a waltz. Amy refused it , but the Price kept asking her, then she said yes. They moved slowly, and the prince saw Amy at her eyes. Then he said “ I don’t know ,when will I go back to my time, but I will remember this time, time when I dance with somebody I love. Amy blushed for a little while then she said ‘ I will remember this”. They kept moving, moving then they stopped and kissed. Suddenly the price body was fade and finally he disappeared.

The Prince was sad, and so did Amy. But they never forgot each other. 10 year laters, the prince had married with another princess and had 3 kids. Meanwhile Amy never got married cause she’s too fall in love with the prince. And , when the full moon shined, the prince will go to the forest alone, ( Amy go to the balcony). And they danced on their own cause they never forgot when they danced with somebody they love.

What da ya think. Whike you red this story just listen to this song

High School Musical - Can I Have This Dance

I think that song are suits for the dancing scene. Dont forget to leave me comment


My Music All the Time

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

My music of all the time. I cant get bored with 'em. Here is the list

Vanessa Carlton - Thousand Miles

Listen her makes me think of fairy land, so peace and beatiful. With splendid tune of her piano, the song are too beautiful to be true.

JoJo - How To Touch a Girl

My R n B baby, writed the beautiful song with lil bit of jazz sound on it. Everytime I heard this song, I'm ready to fly. I still cant belive that this song is floop.

Sondre Lerche - Say it All, I wanna Call it Love, Let My Love Open the Door

My indie Hero, 3 songs and 3 different genre. Say it all is a folk rock song which is fun and such a happy song. I wanna call it love is a jazz song which has beautiful lyric, and Let my love open the door is a cover from Pete and Townhead, such a lovely song. I defo will sing this song at my wedding for my fiance

The Beatles - I want to Hold Your Hand , Yesterday

Who doesn't fall in love with the beatles music. Two of em are my favorites

Lily Allen - The Fear

Best lyric all the time. Go Lily. I love your idea to write the thing about celebrtity life, make funny with 'em.

And for you sory that I cant give ou a link to download this musc because I want you to buy their CD and suport 'em


Revealed the Closet : part 2

Ready , Set , Here' s the closet revealed part : 2

Gap Jacket - price unknown (my mom's gift)

Hurley sweater - my brother's gift

disneyland sweater - my mother's gift ( ps : my face looks horrible)

leather jacket - my father handed down to me


Revealed The Closet : part 1

Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Hey, I just open up the closet and I would share the things that live in my closet. FYI, I'm not a fashion addicted, but if it is about a jcket, it's a another story. Well I have more than 8 jackets / sweater, but now I will show you the half of my collection

paris jacket- price:unknown

von dutch jacket - price: unknown ( my brother gave it to me )

effect-price unknown ( my brother gave it to me)

it just a little of my collection, just wait for the next episode



Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

I just want to post about my jorney but my blog cant post a pic. Weird. Well you hafta wait people


I'm back

Hiyyaa Everybody, I just back from Taiwan for a holiday and I wil the complete story later. Btw, I know you've been wating for bitch of the week , but i promise I will tell you soon. Oh yeah if you want to see a lil pic of my journey to taipei you can check at hastosa.deviantat.com



Bring the club to The Journey

Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

Forgot to bring you music that I heard on my last journey. So here it is,

Jesse McCartney - sunshine

Jesse McCartney - body languange

WHY ALL JESSE MCCARTNEY, well I'm not a fan of him, but the soung of his new record are good and really fit to company you at the club or you can play it loud and sing with your friend at car.


Little journey to Hidden Beach

To kill boredom in holiday, me , Fitri , kocong, and Cok Awis planned to go to hidden beach. Well, so after we had got the map to go there , we went there exictedly. But hiden beach is tottaly hidden , we had get lost twice, and it was frustated. Fortunately, we found the right way unaccidentally. And the view in the was WORTH IT,

We defo did photoshoot, so here little photos that I uploaded to hastosa.deviantart.com

the complete one you can check at hastosa.deviantart.com

After had little swimmed, we were really hungry. So we headed to Nasi Pedes Bu Andika, which is famous with mix rice , and spicy meal

Kindda Fun and NICE TRIP
bye and next, I will plst about journey at TAIWAN


Bitch of the week 3

Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

Bang the drum everybody cause here it's bitch of the week part 3

Her quote " Cuma orang bodoh yg tidak diterima di pmdk unud" or in English " only stupid person who didn't accepted in Unud". She's a liar, Liar , liar.


Manipulation Tutorial

Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

Ya know that I like do photo manipulation even I still working on it to try make a good pic. With photo manipulation you can make littlechange but has big diference. Just like this pic

I like this pic but the buildings are so annoying, I think it coul be best if I can replace it

So I i just add the sky from this pic

and it would happen like this

or like this pic, it's good pic but it's too simple

so i add this pic

to make something like this

Interesting isn't it, so I am gonna give ya the tutorial( i get it from DA ) so you can make it on your own

Hope you can make a goo pic with it, and lemme know the pic that you've made


Gaga Geger

Yesterday, I should do photoshoot with Mira and Amandari but then Amandari gt stomache and I had nothing to do so I went to sam's house.
There I met Rain (sam's sister) while ate hot pancake and she gave me one pancake and jam ( nuttela)

Then I met Saknia and Deshi ( the bitch of the week 2 )and saknia. Rain also introduced me with Marion, her friend from NTU.

A moment later Saknia and Deshi went home becuse ther parents had texted them ( Remember, you still have a house ), then Sam, Rain and Marion asked me to go Geger Beach to swim and try my new camera (yippie).

After took several photos we decided to have a meal at SS and I bought es teler , while SAM and RAIN bought Bakso Komplit and Marion Siomay Ikan

It was FUN


I have Camera

Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

I just bought it yesterday, and I'm Happy. Yippie


Graduation Day

Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Well I just finished the High School. Yippie. But I'm sad because i have to leave my beloved friends.
My class are planning to make a farewell video, and still stuck with the idea, so I will give the idea that I have, hope can make the video good
I will add high school musical- we're all in this together (graduation mix) because it really fits with the situation. Farewell, Graduation, Together


Rock Your Playlist With...

Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

I just download new indie band , Golden Silvers, which I've known from Sondre Lerche twitter, and this band know how to make you shake your body. The first single, True Romance, is like dance floor anthem for indie lover slash pop choir slash splendid tune that you never heard from another band. I also download Arrow of Eros, Please Venus, and Magic Touch.

Listen em, i fell like listening boy M.I.A in the band, and download the song from the link which is in the name of the song


The most sadist movie that my eyes EVER see

Geezz I had watched X files the movie with my class mate, and it was fun at the beggining.
well here the story, we were late to see the show because my friend Udick was so fuckong late, and the street was crowd, and it's sucks

At the beggining I dont understand the movie but i was a good movie, then nearly the end of the movie, there's a scene where the antagonist cut somebody head and try to (it's hard to tell) put it in new body. Well like they tried to make new Frakenstein.
When I saw that scene my body couldn't stop shaking . geez is the disgusting movie that i ever saw ( hyperbolic mode: on) yet is a nice film


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