The most sadist movie that my eyes EVER see

Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

Geezz I had watched X files the movie with my class mate, and it was fun at the beggining.
well here the story, we were late to see the show because my friend Udick was so fuckong late, and the street was crowd, and it's sucks

At the beggining I dont understand the movie but i was a good movie, then nearly the end of the movie, there's a scene where the antagonist cut somebody head and try to (it's hard to tell) put it in new body. Well like they tried to make new Frakenstein.
When I saw that scene my body couldn't stop shaking . geez is the disgusting movie that i ever saw ( hyperbolic mode: on) yet is a nice film


LipKisser mengatakan...

C'mon! It's pretty easy to tell! The movie is not that complicated, in fact it's pretty simple. It's just your lack of interest and tact, Lih. And no, it's not that gross.

hastosaday mengatakan...

It's gross, and have you read it, I said I was late so I didn't see the beggining, DUH

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