Little journey to Hidden Beach

Selasa, 19 Mei 2009

To kill boredom in holiday, me , Fitri , kocong, and Cok Awis planned to go to hidden beach. Well, so after we had got the map to go there , we went there exictedly. But hiden beach is tottaly hidden , we had get lost twice, and it was frustated. Fortunately, we found the right way unaccidentally. And the view in the was WORTH IT,

We defo did photoshoot, so here little photos that I uploaded to

the complete one you can check at

After had little swimmed, we were really hungry. So we headed to Nasi Pedes Bu Andika, which is famous with mix rice , and spicy meal

Kindda Fun and NICE TRIP
bye and next, I will plst about journey at TAIWAN


Benjoan Kiko mengatakan...

kok ga bagus pantainya lih?
eh, mau ketaiwan?? salam buat hua ce lai! ahahahaaa

hastosaday mengatakan...

aslinya bagus kok, cuma kau post yg jelek heheheeh,
ntar satu f4 kubawa buat km

Benjoan Kiko mengatakan...

maksudku air lautnya.

ya bawain yg vic zhou ya. ahhaaa

hastosaday mengatakan...

airnya bagus bgt tau ben, yg coklat tuh batunya
airnya jernih bgt

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