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Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Align CenterHiya, so now cheap food slut comes to Bali, and if you visit Bali and want to find a cheap food place, DAMN RIGHT you're in the right place
Previously cheap food slut (Saras) in the other site, give you review the food place in Melbourne ( Check here if you haven't seen it yet), and now cheap food slut (Hastosa) will take you around pace to eat deliciously yet not broken your wallet.

It almost New Year, Yipppiieee, but hey it's an old date right, like I dont have money so much, I used it a week ago, what would I do? So if you want your new year eve just with your friend , eating sweet cake and tea, well I have exactly right place for you

Kakiang Bakery

Get your foot ( and your tummy) to Ubud, exactly near Lotus Pond Restaurant ( cheapfoodslut will definetly away from this restaurant) and get yourself in small cafe called Kakiang. kakiang in Indonesian mean grandfather, and the cakes here amazingly delicious.
Iin another day , cheapfooodslut thrilled to try their Mango tart, and disappointingly the taste are soso ( I love mango btw) but still the crust on the mango was good but the mangos in the top are totally let down. the mango tart spend your money 18.000 rupiah ( so cheapfood slut not recommended)

In another hand the strawberry cake was pleasant. The strawberry cake here contain so many creams but the taste are not so creamy , so you dont feel queasy . It spend like 18.000 ( but it's little bit small, so if you have a little more money you should try it)

Talk about the place, Kakiang provide like for 16 persons ( yes it's a small), but it doesnt less the comfy.

What to Order : Spare your 10.000 for their special cream puff, containthe crusty puff and their special cream. IT JUST PERFECT

E.M.M.A'S Pies and Cake

Too bad this bake line haven't had their own shop, so if you are in Denpasar or Sukawati you can order this cake or pie with free delivery. So how's the cake
Cheapfoodslut just tried the cheese brownies, and I swear it's a FINEST brownies that I ever ate. The brownies are crunchy and the cheese on are soft , Perfect Composition. But I think the cheese are not cheesy, I mean the taste are too soft I think, but it doesnt bother their deliciousness. it only spare you 95.000 for 16 pieces ( so it's like 5.500 each for 4x4 single brownies), and I think it's not so that expensive, the taste paid the price.

and try my favorite from this bake line , Apple Pie, the crust are JUST PERFECT, so crunchhyyy and the fill ( apple and raisin with cinnamon ) are blended good, it tasted nott top sour and not to sweet to me , and it's good btw ( just FYI I really like sour cake). It's only spare you 110.000 for 24cm in diameter Apple pie ( 24 cm Apple pie, you can slice it into 12, so it's like 9.500 each slice, preety cheap, according to my experience buying 15.000 apple pie which taste like shit)

Tips for you to buying in E.M.M.A's : make sure your location is in Denpasar or Sukawati so dont need pay delivery service. and buy this with your friends so you dont need pay in full ( and I'm not recommend you to eat all this cake by yourself ) so you can share
ps : Open here to look order from E.M.M.A's

That's two of my favorite cheap cake store, so if you are in Bali dont bother to order

ps : mind my band english, I'm still trying to make it perfect


Contain Happiness

Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Every bite
Cheer you up


80s Hot X'mast

Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

the photos I think have 80's vibe on it and you know xmas is always connected with winter, snow, so why not Hot Xmas, hahahah. hope you like it

ps : i feel dirty for taking this photos, God forgives me


Sad and Happy

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

We feel them
until we die


Alone at Sea

Jumat, 10 Desember 2010


Little Hand

God give a hand
To help each other


Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Just had wonderful time , take a trip to Kintamani and did a photoshoot with Saknia, Sam and Uya. Kintamani was wonderful and the shoot was well ( saknia always do weird pose and sam hit human shit, LOL) , and btw the results are gorgeous, Check the pics below

Too bad the weather turn badly suddenlyand I cant pray at the local famous temple ( I am sorry God), btw hope you like it



Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

minimal, simply, empty

what do you think?


Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Just W.A.L.K


Just For Laugh, NEXT


Any Other Day

Just did travel today and it was FUN, hahahah we just went to Suluban Beach, and the beach are beautiful as always but the beach were not the main reason why the travel was FUN, because there were so much LAUGH, totaly with Andi and Ayshin presence the travel were FUN FUN FUN. The Pics of the beach

This is us without fitri from left Ayshin, Me , Dtang, and Andi

See you in another post...


Your New Pleasure

Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

If you like jazz music or indie pop music these two infamous band will ( or absolutely ) ROCKS ( oh wait wait why ROCK, okay JAZZING or POPPING ) your playlist

Fitness Forever

Well ignore the band name that make you freakingly tired cause their music are RELAXING to the max. Frankly i dont know from where this band come from, but I bet this band from Spanish ( maybe)
talk about their album that i had , Personal Train, consist 12 songs that's so good and you cant stop thumping your finger , nodding your head, cause their music which I describe Fun and Relaxing. download their album here

Advantage Lucy

Due to hardness to find their album on the internet I just found one song from them. The Japanese indie pop band, playing cheerfully at their best song ( for me ) Spur Line. When You heard this song, you will feel like you are in the hill, running with thousand balloons and then when the song end , you find yourself lying on the grass and feel HAPPY. Perfect song to cheer your bad day. Download the song here

PS : i'm really sorry for my bad English, I still learn it btw, hope you understand with all that I've written


Use Local Product

If you love our countrydont just tweet #Indonesianunited, Buy our local product ,Support our local businessman.Okay maybe you're from the hives one.But just look to our local product
It's unique and amazingly good
this the example

this shoes I made from local shoes maker , and it's only spend me 200k-ish , well and the quality is pretty good. My cousin just looked at my shoes and thought I spent 1 million for this shoes. Ha Beat that

And this bag, i bought it from Surabaya, abnd everyone in my university was dying to have it( no hyperbole) , Look using our local product ( Indonesian Product ) you can still look good tho.

By using and buying our local product you given chance our people to have a job and better life. SO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR,USE OUR LOCAL PRODUCT


Psychology meet Photography

SO I try to combine my hobby, and the knowledge that I got from University, so here it is

Surely I made this as an abstract object and this form in psychology usual used as Rosach Test, the thing that I can tell you is the rosach test is a proyective test, so to you thie image looks like what??


Jumat, 26 November 2010

I never knew just what it was
About this old coffee shop I love so much


Wandering Surabaya

Rabu, 24 November 2010

The famous Bridge SURAMADU, with this bridge you can across from Surabaya to Madura easily, and the bad thing was you cant stop your car and take a pic, SHAME

Tugu Pahlawan ( Hero Monument ) placed in the heart of Surabaya city .

Cute- Painted wall that I found in Surabaya Street, well it's a well done painting, I really like the color, it gives you a happy feeling

House of Sampoerna, so Sampoerna is famous cigarette brand from Indonesia and yeah the museum was full of tobacco aroma, but love the architecture, so vintage!!


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