Panglipuran Village

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

From my Fujica M1 with Super Lucky Bw Negative

From Digital Camera

Off to Panglipuran today, but we just visited it so quickly so there's a few pitcure that I can take . Hope you enjoy it. I really like them


Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Just made a collection of my toy camera pictures. Too bad I dont really have a MAC so I just edit it so it looks like that, hahhhaahah. And FYI all pictures are taken by my balck slim devil and fujica m1


Perfect Mate

Can we just get a perfect mate?
Like french fries and burger
Milk and cereal


I Need Water

Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

I am planning to join photography contest , and the theme is Water Around Us. Err I really dont have any idea but hope I will work it out later. I need to win this competition. Heave HO

ps : I took this picture by my Fujica M1 in Kintamani, Bali. I kindda like it !


Riding in My Car

And I still think about you
Everytime I'm riding in my car

she and him - ridin in my car


Dont Look Back

Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Just made a picture, okay I dont know what this is, but making this so much fun and stress btw. It's really new to me so soory I know this is not realy good, but you know I will always learn to make it perfect.
The title are taken by my obsession watching She and Him video Dont Look Back, so i try to make something retro vs futuristic, hope you enjoy it


Featured Again

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Featured again on Malu #3 magazine, and today the theme was analogue camera. It's such a honour to me to share my works along side with another young and talented fotografer. Yes I still have to learn more and more.

Download here at their site


Cuteness Alert

Watch new She and Him music video for my favorite tunes Don't Look Back . Directed by Director Jeremy Konner this video will be your instant favorite. Take a look on the video below

To be honest Zooey not look at her best here ( I still remember the cuteness she brings on n the Sun video), but still the video was amazing. The concept were unique, try to combine future visual and vintage sound ,and the lightning and props were perfect. The dance was simple yet cute, and my favorite part was when Zooey dancing with Ne-yo ish guy ( LOL for Neyo ish) with orange backdrop , AHH so retro and cute. Too bad the Him, M Ward , didn't contribut much in this video , I really wish someday he will dance with Zooey in another video, because it's gonna be EPIC FUNNY, LOL.


Life Recently

Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Life is Good when all the exams are over, isn't it
Ahhh so now I can just sit back and relax, NO, hahaha btw I want to do a lot activity, maybe like snorkeling with friends take a good picture, and talk about pictures, I sent my pics to National Geographic , I hope they accept it, really wish me luck, and wish me I get a good marks on every exams.

Meet you in another post !


Go Outside

Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

I want to live my life to the fullest
Every step I take
another adventure to me

to feel the sun above my head
to see anything that I dont have ever seen

to walk to unknown place
to feel adventure every walk I take

to feel the sand under my feet
to feel free to express myself
to feel..
happy everyday

ps : too bad I didn't use the real polaroid, but I promise to myself that i would have one soon, and btw the pics are taken by nikormat analogue and due the lack of Bw negative i bali, I edited the color of the pictures. Hope you enjoy it


CheapFoodSlut Section

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Just spend my 7000 rupiah for the es teler spesial keju in Es teler kreasi , at Panjer, at it's totally worth it. If you're a sweet or ice mania, this menu will be your instant favorite and totally not broke your pocket. But the bad thing for this es teler are the lack of the fruit ( avocado, coconut , and piece of jack fruit), but consider their price , this reason is very acceptable
This store give their menu with ultra weird name, like ES mabuk cinta, es tembakan cinta, tip from me read carefully the explanation before you choose.
The conclusion this place are highly recommended for cheapiceslut , and the taste are good not really incredible but nice.


CheapFoodSlut AGAIN!!!

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Hiya cheapfoodslut come again, and I just went to the best warung satay in Denpasar Town. Okay let's start judging
Located in waturenggong near SMA 2 denpasar ( not really far) this warung called warung Ari ( if you dont know what warung is, it's like a very small shop or restaurant), and dont bother by their a little dirty shop cause they provide the best fish satay in Denpasar. Yes you read it right, it Fish, and dont worry if you think the satay will smell bad, cause it's really smell good. And when you bite it you can still smell the goodness in your mouth. The taste is pretty sweet, lil savory , and it will be your instant favorite. But the bad thing their sambal ( it's traditional chili sauce ) are not really spicy, but if you're not a fan of spicy food you will love it. The good thing are you just need to spare your money like 8.000 rupiah to get a plate of rice , 8 sticks of fish satay and a bowl of soup ( i dont really like their soup, so you can ignore it btw)

That's all my review, keep eating cheap delicious food


My life recently

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

My life recently like this pitcure, no it's not sad or what (depending from the color) I mean it's like sailing boat. I should sail hard this week, the test are coming close, yaik 2 more days, and I'm not really prepared.
Btw after test I have many plan to do, like go traveling to Lombok with my friends, learn how to make stop motion video, decorated my room, making a concept video, lear some cool trick for fotography, and cooking. and also if i dont have to take re-test maybe I would able to go to Singapore and Malaysia ( even I prefer to go to like Perth or Sydney)
I will continue to write cheapfoodslut section , and it's really fun to write it, because I really love cheap food hahaaha

Leave this blog like for a week for sailing hardd in the sea of psychollogic, HEAVE HO


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