Where will my life go??

Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Gonna be Mr. Oh-I'm-Freaking-Busy next week, well it's my fault exactly because I take too much jobs ( I become staff for two competitions that will be held by my college ) and also I became chief for my class's stand. Whoaa doesnt it seem too much?? If it isn't enough busy, I still have a case study which is given EVERYDAY, and I should to finish it, DUH DUH. College thing pretty thight in second semester, and I should read thicky thicky books everyday ( but I still dont do it due I still have to copy some books ), Blah blah blah.
I rather to spend my free time in my lovely bed room ( even it stinks like hell), turn on the conditioner ( the weather in bali tottaly burn my head out, litelary, I think it's somewhere between 32 Celcius and 36 Celcius), and sleep. Or just open facebook, twitter ( even I'm not updadating something), read onemanga.com and perezhilton.com , download some new songs from jonalisblog.com or stereogum.com. I even read a little, a novel called Homecoming , it's japannese novel or read photography book by Mr. Ang.
I still have obsession project to do, I still dont know how to make it so just keep it on my mind. I want to make editorial photoshoot , make a thesis about the relationship between music and people's intelegence , make a goody goody jacket , decorating my rooms, and etc. So much to do but so lazzzyyy to start and dont know where to start.

ps : I will post about my stand activity, well maybe the theme of that is emotion. It's a stand where you can talk with psycholog really cheap, sell flowers and baloons with lovely words, and also photography instalation , well it's still an idea but hope it will do well


22: 17

Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

This pic was taken when i watched mini competition at my college, well I like their expression, so I tried my best to catch it. What do you think??


Life is a Dance

Rabu, 24 Februari 2010

We're go round and round
Patners are lost and found
Looking for one more chance
All I know is , we're all in the dance


What is Love?

Senin, 22 Februari 2010

what is love?
such a cliche word
I think it's not just a happy feeling
but a responsible feeling
other people give their love
and you should to keep it growing
as big as mountain
as vast as sky

love is not when you just in happy
but when sad comes
you stil said
it's alright , I'm here
you take her hand
make her calm
even your hand is shaking too

love can be apart
when you loose the faith
when you become greedy
when you become so cold

Love is something deep
not just satify your body
it satisfies your heart
it brings you pleasure
even you dont do sex

love is not just make a word love you
but when you make a thing right


Obsessed with this Girl

Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Okay guys it's not Lily Allen but Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes, well to be honest i just found out this girl in late of '09 , after read my rolling stone magazine, and I pretty interested with her due to good review that given to her. After searching in the internet, I found her first single from her latest album, Two Son, "Daniel" was pretty damn good, no AH-Mazing. And the video clip was nice ( my favorite part is when she drops rainbow tears with flying black crow as the background, well get it on youtube now) and very creative, just look at the pictures above ( I got it from google and I just re-edited it), it shows her unique sense of fashion, which is I think highly influnce with moon and night.
Just for your information, many famous artist such as Bjork and many others , have been enchanted with her music and NOW she and her band will be and opening band for Coldplay, Whoaaa isn't that Fantastic.

You can find her fantastic single, Daniel, in the itunes or you can buy her latest CD , Two Sun, on your nearest store ( btw here in Bali, there's no store sell her Cd, Blah ). I believe with a good work, she will topping the world someday.

ps : search too for her single Moon and Moon , it's so good, and btw if you hate ghost house, wolf sound, gothic sound, and ghost movie score, this girl is not your bestfriend


Move on

I'm taking a hiatus maybe like one month or two months to not taking an art photography. It's important to do because I feel my photography's quality are going down down and down. Maybe it's all because I'm taking too much job and yeah yeah yeah. So the last day i would do something art is next friday, well I just want to shoot my friends ( hope it'll be good) in the room ( cant tell you more.
But dont worry, I'm not gonna let this blog into a death scene, I will keep posting something related into my life , music that I like, some videos, and also some old photos which are I re-edit.
so hope you guys, still read my blog, I know my pics are shit but I want to improve it, I promise when I get back I will get something to be shocked



Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Maybe some of you have seen this pictures. Yes, it's from my las year post, color of the wind, btw I just re-edited it yet, so it would be something edgier yet mystic, and yeah I used this to improve my editing ability. Well your comment really help me out, so drop the comment, even it so shitty.



Ordinary pics right but I love the noise texture that I put in, it gives old feel and vintage, like picture on old newspaper, well what do you think?? Drop me some shitty comment


Long Waited Shoes ( Finnaly Comes )

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Hell yeah after waited like 1 month, my shoes finally here, well it's kindda good and the price cheap ( only 240k in Rupiah or like $24 ) but looks expensive. What do you think


Moon and Moon

calling moon and moon
shoot that big bad hand
it'll drag me to your door
and I wont see you no more

bat for lashes - moon and moon


I'm ready for my close up

Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Forbive me I know it makes me you wanna puke, lol , But I tried to do something editorial, epic fail (lol) , so the theme is being edgy, casual , and nerd, well hope you like it.



Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

So my precious holiday for my first semester in college will officially over at 15th february, NO, hell yeah so let just lookback for what I've done in this Holiday.

I took many jobs, I helped my friends to make such as family potrait, and yeah it's fun even my payment was chicken noodle

Then also I shoot for my senior in college for their year book.

Dont forget , I taught english at kindergarden and it's fun fun fun

Then I also tried to shoot at unoticed place around Bali, and the result, well kindda good

yeah I think that's all, and well later I will post about my kindergarden thing experience

See you in another post, keep reading


It Was

Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

It was a day when whe played under the sun
the sun burned us up
But we were still running

It was a day when your voice echoing in my head
You told me how to live this life
As free as bird

It was a day when angel still singing
But now the crows come
And singing funeral song

Come darkness , fill my heart
Cause you will never be the same
You just open the box of the devil

Call the moon to shine in my heart
It will never be the same
Cause the pain
Just like tattoo


Window Seat

Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

can I get window seat
don’t want nobody next to me
i just want a chance to fly
a chance to cry


Fly to the Sky

Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

F l y h i g h t o t h e m o o n
b e i n g f r e e f r o m t h e w o r l d


Let's Talk About Alice in Wonderland

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Alice in the Wonderland, I bet all of you have heard about that, maybe some of you have watched the animated movie or read the book . Alice in the wonderland is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carol. It's a classic book which is tell about a girl named Alice who falled down into hole when she chased the rabbit.

Nowadays, Alice in the Wonderland is inspiring many people, not just in literature or movie. The absurdity and imagination give idea for designer in the world to make unique dress.

Not only in fashion world, music industry is just infected as well with this charming book. Let me introduce you to Santamonica, indie band from Indonesia. This electronic pop band said that absurdity is their own influences which are the get from reading alice in the wonderland. You can look from their myspace, here, they write that their influence is Alice in wonderland. Their first Album, Curioser and Curioser, are taken from Alice famous qoute from the book ( the part when she tried the marmalade jam).

Maybe you're wondering, does this book inspire me? Well,yes, I guess. I have made the photos which is based on this story. Maybe you've already seen it, I posted it last year, Eize in Wonderland. I know it's not good, but i still hope you like it


Play Underwater

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Yeah I just tried Underwater photoshoot and it was so hard to do it, yeah I know this pics aren't good enough, but hope you enjoy it.


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