Where will my life go??

Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Gonna be Mr. Oh-I'm-Freaking-Busy next week, well it's my fault exactly because I take too much jobs ( I become staff for two competitions that will be held by my college ) and also I became chief for my class's stand. Whoaa doesnt it seem too much?? If it isn't enough busy, I still have a case study which is given EVERYDAY, and I should to finish it, DUH DUH. College thing pretty thight in second semester, and I should read thicky thicky books everyday ( but I still dont do it due I still have to copy some books ), Blah blah blah.
I rather to spend my free time in my lovely bed room ( even it stinks like hell), turn on the conditioner ( the weather in bali tottaly burn my head out, litelary, I think it's somewhere between 32 Celcius and 36 Celcius), and sleep. Or just open facebook, twitter ( even I'm not updadating something), read onemanga.com and perezhilton.com , download some new songs from jonalisblog.com or stereogum.com. I even read a little, a novel called Homecoming , it's japannese novel or read photography book by Mr. Ang.
I still have obsession project to do, I still dont know how to make it so just keep it on my mind. I want to make editorial photoshoot , make a thesis about the relationship between music and people's intelegence , make a goody goody jacket , decorating my rooms, and etc. So much to do but so lazzzyyy to start and dont know where to start.

ps : I will post about my stand activity, well maybe the theme of that is emotion. It's a stand where you can talk with psycholog really cheap, sell flowers and baloons with lovely words, and also photography instalation , well it's still an idea but hope it will do well


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