Senin, 25 Maret 2013

You guys know how much I adore Sondre Lerche, I really really a big fan of him, I like his songs ( the one on Dupper Session was the best), I like his boyish look, and everything that I want him to be my older  brother.

Btw I missed his performace cople years ago, and it gives me nightmares everynigh. So when I heard that Sondre Lerche would had a concert in an event called Kampoen Jazz at Bandung, I was so happy. I rob my bank account to get the flight from Bali to Bandung (kinnda Expensive), worked hard for a month and IT WAS WORTH IT

The show was really cool, Sondre giving his best performance, sometimes joking about not a jazz people (hello your Dupper Sesion was a jazz album), and said Hatur Nuhun ( a local words to say thank you) that made chic's going crazy, while the girl besides me screaming SHIRTLESS PLEASE (LOL)

Sondre Lerche is not only one performer there, Andien ( young jazz singer ) give me a cute yet flawless performance. Even tho it's raining hard, the crowd still going crazy to Andien.

And Tetsuya Kimura (bassist form Japan) well I dont really dig his music, but his perf was cool and photogenic (for me)

So here it is Kampoen Jazz


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