Fun Shoot

Rabu, 28 April 2010

Dont be so hard on them , it just another fun shoot that I did with my friends. LOL, hope you enjoy that.


Square of Texture

Sabtu, 24 April 2010

Officialy breaking my hiatus but but sorry this pics not something good, fugly exactly, but I just learn how to shoot texture (first time for me ), hahaha, not good so fugly. Here's the pics.

Really need your comment


Oh Ghost!

Jumat, 16 April 2010

There's two ghost at my wall, NO!!!

NO!! They called their friends

They messed around with my magazine and put it in my computer desk

Oh hello MARC JACOBS, You look SO FIERCE

They also stole my photos from the frame

Mess it but they put something good in there

And put it on the wall

and out it AGAIN AND AGAIN

ps : I this inspiration from this blog, Check it out, GOOD STUFF


Holiday, Pleasee..

Sabtu, 10 April 2010

God tommorow is mid test but noo.. I feel like too lazy to study. Fact I've been study from yesterday, and my head just like BOOOM. God I need holiday, at least time to have fun.
1. Really want to go to ACE Hardware ( samw as Ikea ) , I really want to buy something to boost up my boring room. GYAAAA
2. Really want to explore Bali. Like going to Kintamani, Singaraja, Karangasem, driving car with my friends, take a lovely photos while in the road, try traditional food around, PERFECT.
3. Finishing my song, and write another song. YAY YAY

Oh Holiday, I NEED YOU

ps : wish me luck for the test


Dancing Alone ( In The Dark )

Jumat, 09 April 2010

We were so happy
We were so great
We watched the sun rise
Nothing good
as our love

We were mean to be
We were perfect
we were so in love
now I'm ralized
It just me

you left me dancing
Dancing with my fear
Fear of loneliness
Like a puzzle
I'm not complete without you
Please come back
dont let me
dancing alone

I am in the dark
And you're out there
Everything in my life
becomes monochrome
There's no rainbow in my life
Just cloudy cloud

I remember the day
you were dancing with me
with your hot pink dress
I was so happy

but now you left me dancing
Dancing with my fear
Fear of loneliness
Like a puzzle
I'm not complete without you
Please come back
dont let me
dancing alone

ps : I got the inspiration after had watched 500 days of Summer , i just wanted to potray the boy feeling after Summer left him. And maybe I will make a ballad with this lyric, maybe


Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

You know I will always love people who visit my blog, but maybe some of you has been disapointed because there's no progress or any post in this blog. I AM SO SORRY GUYS. ha maybe I shouldnot apologize because it's not popular blog, but yeah better to say sorry.
If you read my older post, you will know that I'm too busy with my college thing, next Monday I will have a test ( wish me luck ) , and have statistic work ( I'm tired to always keep my eyes on cmputer ) . And you will know that I still taking hiatus from photography works.
Me and my friend will do photoshoot after 22th April , we will brainstroming the concept later , but I will try to make it good, just pray for me.
I still work on my song, if you haven't download it yet, you an download at post below. Yeah the singer will be a girl, and there's massive construction in lyric departement. I cant wait to finish it and share it to you guys. Once again just pray for me.

So that's it, you know I love you


My First Song ( Demo)

Sabtu, 03 April 2010

Hey guys, yeah I try to make a song btw, I just wrote the lyric and my friend Andika composed it, I still dont know the title of this song, Lol, gonna think it later.
Talk about the song, I really wanted a solid pop song, but andika turned it into pop rock song, Blah Blah, but as an amateur I think the song pretty nice.
You can download the song below, it still raw and I will re-wriete the lyric cause my bitch, Fitri, said there was much wrong grammar and the other.
So here it is DOWNLOAD

Please comment at this one!!

ps : the man who sing it is andika ( picture above) , but he's pretty nervous at recording session, so his voice kinnda weird at this song, and btw we used his iTouch to record.


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