Dear Reader

Jumat, 09 April 2010

Dear Reader,

You know I will always love people who visit my blog, but maybe some of you has been disapointed because there's no progress or any post in this blog. I AM SO SORRY GUYS. ha maybe I shouldnot apologize because it's not popular blog, but yeah better to say sorry.
If you read my older post, you will know that I'm too busy with my college thing, next Monday I will have a test ( wish me luck ) , and have statistic work ( I'm tired to always keep my eyes on cmputer ) . And you will know that I still taking hiatus from photography works.
Me and my friend will do photoshoot after 22th April , we will brainstroming the concept later , but I will try to make it good, just pray for me.
I still work on my song, if you haven't download it yet, you an download at post below. Yeah the singer will be a girl, and there's massive construction in lyric departement. I cant wait to finish it and share it to you guys. Once again just pray for me.

So that's it, you know I love you


santia_sansa's creativity mengatakan...

relaksss lihh..aku setia baca blog mu ,,kapan punn,,dimana punn,,hahahah..semangattt masa muda masa yang asyikk tapi berbahaya ..hahahaha aku nunggu karya mu berikutnya..lagumu kerennn..sip

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