Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

What's up you guys

I just came back from my trip to East Java and Yogyakarta and it was so much fun
well actually it's exciting because ti was my first solo travelling and surely I got many good photos that I cant wait to share with you guys. Oh yeah at the end of December I will go to Lombok for New Year , yayyyy, travelling = more photos come to this blog , sayy yeaaahhh.

If you guys follow this blog , you know that this year I try to do more commercial photoshoot. And yeah I've got no confidence with it , sometimes I fear that my picture is not good enough and soemetimes I messed with it. 

Well fuck that, now let's move to the picture that I took in Surabaya, Solo and Yogyakarta

well hope you enjoy it , see ya 


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