Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

Sorry for breaking my promise to post once every week

Been busy with job, yeah right now I'm helping my friends teaching 5 years old children English, and doing some test shots that I personally love the results

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to see my works faster as I update it once every day

PS : the pic above was Jonathan Thiele ( blogger) that I took last week. Better check my instagram or my fashion blog www.hurlyburlyfashion.tumblr.com


Senin, 07 Juli 2014

so two weeks ago I just discovered that my boss, Dewandra Djelantik (photographer), had agency called Fauve and they celebrated their 2nd anniversary by doing a fashion show for designer like Magali Pascal, Sebastian Guanawan, and Ika Butoni.

Sure I took many pictures from the runway, but since doing runway shoot it such a boring job to me (just straight angle with people walking) so I focused on the backstage photo since I can find emotion on this

Check out the other photo on my fashion tumblr site here


Jumat, 04 Juli 2014

Sorry for skipping a week for posting a blog since I was in Jogjakarta for Jogja Fashion Week,
It's been my 3rd time to Jogja, first when I was 2nd grade, second two years ago with my friends, and
now for business. Not like my other trip today there's no wandering around for fun since I was working there

 My Friend took me too small stall that Sell Ayam Geprek and it was spicy ( I love Spicy Food) and it really cheap, only 10k (rice and drink included), OMG this is my paradise
 I seated on Front Row at Jogja Fashion Week, I dont bring my camera, since it will be too heavy. I use my Samsung S4 instead and the result was lovely

PS : yes all the pic here are only using Samsung S4 and I edited it with VSCOcam, been thinking to let you guys know what camera that I usually use, but I'm kindda lazy since Im not using a fancy camera, but if you really want to know let me know on comment section!


Minggu, 15 Juni 2014

What will you do in your life?

Future always scares me. Well I just graduated from uni last November, and still sometimes I fell scared about what I am gonna do with my life

I want to be a freakin great photographer, but everytime I look at another photographer work I always think can I b like them. I envy them, feel jealous, mad at my self, then I feel sad. Can I be really a great photographer

I have a busineess since I'm in university, eventho it moves slowly but still the business still on the right track. Then suddenly I feel like, am I capable to make it bigger and better? Can I live with this business? Those question always come to my mind. I am such a negative person right

My parent force me to continues their business, I am really confusing with this, not like I dont like it or something, the business is really different, the market is different from the business I have. It confuses me like a lot.

What will you do in my life?

Even tho I am going to be 23 this year, I cant answer it right now

but I will work hard this year, I will take a lot of good pictures this year so next year, when you ask What will you do in your life?

I can answer it, loudly

PS : sorry for my rant but hey if you have any question about photography such as what camera or lenses do I use or what apps I use for editing, or good spot in Bali, feel free to write it down at comment section, I will try to answer it in the next post


Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

hey ya guys, so I've made new account on tumblr for my works mainly for fashion

so basically all my fashion works will be uploaded on my tumblr site not in this blog anymore

so if you guys have a tumblr please do follow me and share or critsize my fasshion works since I'm kindda new in that field

see ya there


Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

I have so much time but too lazy to update the blog

sorry sorry

but hey back in April I was going to Lombok (again), hohohoh I really like going there, it's near from Bali, quiet and the best thing my uncle has a nice hotel there.

My favorite place in Lombok was Kuta, even tho it shares the same name with place in Bali, Kuta in Lombok is very quiet, peaceful and hell yeah the water is crystal clear.

The hotel that my uncle has called Puri Rinjani. its in front of the beach, really near to go anywhere in Kuta Area, also like 30 minutes from Airpot. They has free wi-fi (oh yeah), and the cordon blue was SUPERB ( I eat it lke every day). The best thing about this hotel, it's only like 40$ per day, so much win in this hotel. You can book this hotel in Agoda tho.

I promise to myself to update this blog regulary, 

but hey I also update my instagram regulary so if you like my photoworks do follow them


Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

It's been so long from my last post right lol

Btw last year, in October and December 2013 I had two fashion shoot, first catalogue and campaign for Fairground, UK based brand, and second for Padilla Kids Swim wear.  So heres the pics

I took Padilla Kids Swimwear shoot one day after I arrived from my Malaysia trip ( see previous post), so it's kindda tiring, and handle kids it's so hard. I mean I'm good with kids I even had teached in kindergarden but these kids (the model) are really hard to shoot (and drive me crazy). So here's the best pic that I could take

Fairground brand shoot was took in October, and the Model Ailee was so gorgeous and easy to work, she just know how to pose, and the shoot was fun with her. Truly Professional

ps : all picture are unofficial one, check their website 
Padilla : www.padillasports.com
Fairground : www.welovefairground.com

 what do you guys think??


Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

Hi Everyone

Just got back from my holiday in Malaysia, well kinddda long holiday cause I spend 1 week in there with my brother and parents

Malaysian is best to known as an evil neighborhood of Indonesia (accroding to Indonesian), and if you say that you want to go to Malaysia, Indonesian tend to say "There's nothing there, everything is the same except Indonesia is better)

well, but some Indonesia ( rich one who live in Jakarta) are tend to go to Kuala Lumpur to shopping because the price for some well-known brands are cheaper (well I bought H&M hat for 120k IDR but in Indonesia wouldbe 200kish IDR and sweat shirt and pants for only 320k IDR, WHOAAAAA)

I will say Kuala Lumpur is Shopping Paradise ( even my Brand Manikan are available in Mall in Bukit bintang) but there's hidden culture behind it. Malaysia population are consist with 3 main race, Chinnese, India, and Melayu. The mix of 3 culture is unique but I dont know I dont really like it. it's like seeing mini India, mini china and Mini Indonesia all accross Malaysia, so I cant see Malaysia as "truly Asia" (their tag line)

In other hand Malaka or Melaka is an beautiful old town which influenced by chinnesse and dutch architecture. I really love it here, there's a ton of colorful building and cute cafe, and also their Durian Cendl is da best.

Pulau Penang is famous for their cheap food and old town in George Town, I do really enjoy my stay here even I like Malaka better.

The most thing that I like about George Town is they let street art painter painted random wall on random gang and made it as tourist attraction. There's a lot of tourist going to unknown gang just to search the art paint. I love it

I do enjoy my stay in Malaysia, they got nice old town and also easy transportation compared with Indonesia, and I really hope you enjoy the picture, thanks for coming to my blog btw

See ya


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