Jumat, 04 Juli 2014

Sorry for skipping a week for posting a blog since I was in Jogjakarta for Jogja Fashion Week,
It's been my 3rd time to Jogja, first when I was 2nd grade, second two years ago with my friends, and
now for business. Not like my other trip today there's no wandering around for fun since I was working there

 My Friend took me too small stall that Sell Ayam Geprek and it was spicy ( I love Spicy Food) and it really cheap, only 10k (rice and drink included), OMG this is my paradise
 I seated on Front Row at Jogja Fashion Week, I dont bring my camera, since it will be too heavy. I use my Samsung S4 instead and the result was lovely

PS : yes all the pic here are only using Samsung S4 and I edited it with VSCOcam, been thinking to let you guys know what camera that I usually use, but I'm kindda lazy since Im not using a fancy camera, but if you really want to know let me know on comment section!


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