Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

It's raining everyday in Bali, DUH , got flu and cant do a photoshoot Double DUH. and now I'm stuck at home.

here's the picture that I edit due boredom , haha and every picture I tag "beautiful day" , Duh the irony. Hope the sun out soon, please please please


Senin, 23 Januari 2012

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long time no see
maybe a little smile will cheer up your day


Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

hiya reader sorry for the M.I.A , been lazy to make a post and busy with finals (yawn) but sure am not abadoned my photography practice.

Uh yeah I was in Thailand like last months for a holiday, and it's pretty much fun. So I visied Grand palace ( which was hugeee temple and dazzling litteraly , because you know all the temple is in Gold color ) , Ayuthaya ( the ruined tempel which is cool, but I hate those city) , Pattaya ( which is scary because BITCHES everywhere, and make it worse you cant indentify real woman or the fake one ) , Koh Larn ( Small Island in Pattaya which reminesence me about Gili Trawangan ) , and Phuket ( VIVA Phi Phi Island)

so this is a little of the picture that I took

as the conclusion , I like Thailand but it's too similar with Indonesia , hahah, that's why it's not really special ( ex : Phi Phi Island). Will I coming back? FO SHO , I need to get my self to Erawan Waterfall before I die. Somebody got me the tickte pleasee

ps: sorry for the unusual smaal picture, got computer issue , hahaha


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