Kamis, 25 April 2013

my favorite thing to shoot at work is wedding set up with model on it, usually this kind ofphotos are for the hotel advertising their place as good place for wedding

here it is some kind of my works under Dewandara Djelantik Team

Dewandara Djelantik Team for Discovery Kartika Hotel Bali

Dewandara Djelantik Team for Niko Hotel

my personal favorite moment to capture is when the couple walk and people start to throw roses, I think it's a beautiful moment to capture

so what is your favorite moment to capture?


Senin, 22 April 2013

Back in  the December last year I was in Lombok for family gathering and New Year Holiday. My uncle have a nice hotel there, with the fantastic view and the best thing I like I could stay and eat for free

The view on Lombok was fantastic, with the virgin beach and some untouched hills, Lombok is the best place for travelling / adventure photo shoot.

So I beg my cousin to be my model, he is like 190 cm -ish with muscular body (he was a basketball player), he is a perfect model for my Manikan Tribal Rucksack 

The photoshoot itself kindda pain in the ass, I should like wake up at 5 0 clock, brought my camera (which is HEAVY) on my own, and riding bicycle on uphill road, yawn 

But the result was kindda good, and I like it, here it is

so tell me what you think?


So I heard Perfume will hold a 2nd World Tour, and surely I cant attend it

This video reflect me so much 



Happy Earth Day people

so what you're doing to save our earth

well I'm not a nature activist or something and I really bad at saving electricity and water, but I try to walk if I want to buy something at minimarket instead riding my motorbike and I refuse to use plastic bag if my item was a yogurt or pocky 

so tell me more what you have done to save the earth

uh uh this is a poster that I made for Manikan to celebrate Earth Day


Sabtu, 20 April 2013

here's behind the scene Manikan photoshoot, a brand that I own, which is I shoot by myself.

here the result

ps : I think I look cool there, even though my neck was realllyy dirty, BLAH


Jumat, 19 April 2013

So I just watched ANTM season 15 (what a slowpoke), and I try to focusin on how the professional photographer did their works 

the result : Fashion photography is complicated. I mean look at the gear that they used, so expensive and there's a lot of it. 

But I really enjoy fashion photography, brainstroming the concept , see the model do a weird pose it's a fun to me

Take a look to the latest fashion photo take I took, am I talented to the fashion photography , tell me what you think?

ps : when I was 30 - 40 ish I want to be still good looking like Nigel Barker (throw holy water to me)


I know my blog is unpopular one
and no one is reading my blog
and I'm wondering why I bother myself to write or post something on this blog

back to the high school at my senior year I was introduced to the world of hipster by some friends, and I suck to it. I refuse to hear any mainstream songs (beside Hilary Duff - Dignity album), and starting analogue photography.

My favorite back then (even right now) was using Manual Focus, make it everything blurry then later put some random words like you will going to die tomorrow

here some of it, I think I use my uncle Nikonmat to take these pictures

Here some my hipster playlist

Sondre Lerche - Private Caller
Young Dreams - Young Dreams
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Song that We Sing
Alphabeat - Love Sea
Feist - Sealion
She and Him - Never Wanted Your Love

Now excuse me while I blast Perfume - One Room Disco and dancing crazily at my room


Have you guys follow me on instagram
due to my laziness to post a thing on my blog I love to post random and old photos to my instagram acc

Go check em on @hastosa


Selasa, 16 April 2013

This is going to be my graduation song

I'll be on my suit and tie 100x


I miss taking a food photo

I miss going to an adventure

Damn you skripsi


Rabu, 03 April 2013

What is your dream, guys?

I mean your goal in life, not your vivid imaginary that you have while you are sleeping due to some unconscious memory that happen your life

I am going towards 22 and I think this is the right time to set something that I want to be, or go to the place that I really want, or see something that I crave for a year

So the list are

- Watching my hero, Sondre Lerche, live (Just did it, yay)
- My photos on some cool magazine like vogue, National Geo, or Rolling Stone ( btw some of my photos recently are featured on local magazine, it's on the small part but I'm still happy)
- Have a really cool fashion shop ( working on it)
- Married have two kids and lot of rabbits ( it's seem so far away)
- Have a vegetarian cafe ( I'm not even a vegetarian but someday I want to)
- Have a private library ( I keep donating my book, how I can collect it)
- Sometimes I still want to be kinder garden teacher
- I want to watch Perfume and screaming Kawaiii to A-chan

Fiuh there's a lot of dreams that I need to work on. I know sometimes you cant reach your dream , I mean come on just be a realistic, but if you are working hard towards your dream I think you'll be happy just by trying hard, I think.


I will post more on this blog, I promise I promise, even there are no reader on this blog I promise to post more on this blog I promise I promise

I'm kindda busy with my final project on my college, and doing some business with my fashion line called Manikan so please excuse me with the lack of post for a couple of month and wish me luck with these final project. I Really hate this project

Btw to keep you entertaining these are random pics that I took couple months ago, Enjoy

ps : It's been so long since I post something about food photography. Better take some soon


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