Rabu, 03 April 2013

What is your dream, guys?

I mean your goal in life, not your vivid imaginary that you have while you are sleeping due to some unconscious memory that happen your life

I am going towards 22 and I think this is the right time to set something that I want to be, or go to the place that I really want, or see something that I crave for a year

So the list are

- Watching my hero, Sondre Lerche, live (Just did it, yay)
- My photos on some cool magazine like vogue, National Geo, or Rolling Stone ( btw some of my photos recently are featured on local magazine, it's on the small part but I'm still happy)
- Have a really cool fashion shop ( working on it)
- Married have two kids and lot of rabbits ( it's seem so far away)
- Have a vegetarian cafe ( I'm not even a vegetarian but someday I want to)
- Have a private library ( I keep donating my book, how I can collect it)
- Sometimes I still want to be kinder garden teacher
- I want to watch Perfume and screaming Kawaiii to A-chan

Fiuh there's a lot of dreams that I need to work on. I know sometimes you cant reach your dream , I mean come on just be a realistic, but if you are working hard towards your dream I think you'll be happy just by trying hard, I think.


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