Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

No Parking in the Sky


Heat of Summer


I Need 3

Rabu, 28 Juli 2010

No, i'm not counting or singing Britney Spears's song, but I need 3 for my IP ( it's like your cumulative point in college), Last semester I just got 2,96 which is B- , DAMN DAMN, wish me luck for this semester. WISH WISH

ps : if you still dont know, I'm going to psycologist course , yeah it's hard subject. BELIEVE ME


Hit the Youtube

So several back days I spent my free time to watch some videos on youtube, you know sometimes long holiday can be suck ass if you dont have nothing to do. Okay let's talk the videos now

This girl is Putri Ayu from Indonesia, she joins Talent show in national TV network, and her skill is SERIOUSA SINGING, well maybe you think it's an ordinary skill cause you've already heard Susan boyle or etc , but what make this girl so special is she only 13 and can hit the high note perfectly. BETTER WATCH IT

Call me late or not up to date, but I just find out Diversity ( dance group from Brittain got Talent )on youtube, and I just cant keet saying FUCKING AWESOME, their moves, the energy, totaly can feel it. Damn can wait for Street dance 3D which they are on it. WO HOO

If you are a fan of, or pitcfork maybe you have heard about this Japanesse guys ( or if you read my last post), Shugo Tokumaru is an amazing singer and his song parachute is perfect, now we can see how they ( shugo and the band) play this song, and surely unique instrument they use. And I just love the background, it's like a star to me.
WATCH THIS, SO DAMN FUNNY. I love MIA,and her new album (XXXO tottaly my jam ) nut this video is so LOL, I'm Speechless, You better die if you're not laughing

From conver ad, this video is so damn good, with Big Head ( I really like Kid Cudi's head when he brushed teeth) and the video was simple but fun, it's kindda simple but it's so refreshing to me cause so much videonowadays try to be so avant grade right now ( Hello you use telephone as a hat then kill so many people when you're singing about love dancing than your lover, hello GAGA). It's good and fun video

I think that's all, well gonna do photoshoot another day , and please comment if you like my post or not


Slow Water

Selasa, 20 Juli 2010

Gonna learn again and again, leave me comment


Travelling to Karang Asem

Senin, 19 Juli 2010

Couple days ago me and my friends went to karang Asem regency for a nice nice holiday. FYI karang Asem regency is located in the east of bali and pretty far from Denpasar, so if you wanna go there you should go earlier to avoid traffic and so many things.

Our first destination was blue lagoon beach, I had heard the beach was pretty and VIRGIN. It’s not really hard to find them, it’s so near from Padang bay, and you can ask local for a road. The beach was good but when we arrived the weather was pretty bad, but it’s still good place to visit.

Next we’re going to candi dasa beach, don’t expect white sand cause all in there is just stone. But but but, the view was kindda amazing, and the weather was nice, the water looked so clear, just amazing

The weather was too hot for another fun in beach, so we went to Taman Ujung, it’s a park and a palace long before, yeah the scenerywas gooooddd and the wind would make you sleep

Tulamben and Amed beach was next is so far like 1 hour from Taman Ujung. In a way to get there, you would see amazing rice field, simply amazing. Tulamben and amed it’s good for diving, but if you expect beautiful beach with white sand, forget about it.

ps : I took the photos with toy camera, and sorry for my english

NB : i dont know what happened but everytime I write there underline, gonna fix later


Sneek Peek

Minggu, 18 Juli 2010

Gonna post the photos later, so wait a while


K.I.D.S on Summer

Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

Sun+sand+water+palm tree = S.U.M.M.E.R


Map-less Traveler

"We dont have a map, we ask local for the road"

ps : I will post the pics about the travel later



Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

In 2 days will go to the beaches, so I hope I dont get sick or any trouble!!



Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

today i tried to shoot water with low speed but it's kindda fail. Well I'm gonna keep trying


Sabtu, 10 Juli 2010

Yes, the theme of this blog today is Advanture, so enjoy my adventure in photography, literature, music and real life

Thank for visiting this blog


Analogue Town

Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

I took all with my analogue camera and for the black and white pics I edited it with Adobe , what do you think??


What If Conversation

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

I'm so done with my studying thing ( cant get anything inside my head ), well before I sleep , let start WHAT IF CONVERSATION

Let's start with WHAT IF I WAS A SINGER ?

Waw waw It's like a dream come true ( but come on I can sing or hold a note , Shit ) but but just Imagine it..

So I think I will work with ..

Lady Gaga ( Just kidding, who want see a fat boy shaking his big ass , wavering arm and sing EEEEEE STOP TELEPHONING ME EEEEEE, LOL)

So I will go with indie pop music, YES I WANT TO WORK WITH SHUGO TOKUMARU

Yes , HIM. I think his music is refreshing and original, with so many instrument on it, and happy sound, he's the perfect man to work with( btw I like his jacket on the pic )

M. Ward is also perfect man too, I am a big FAN of She and Him, and I want that sound too ( and I want zooey too)

SONDRE LERCHE. I'm dying to meet him and work with him, it's like aw aw. I want my first (imaginary) album is like second version of Faces Down, aw aw Great

SO the sound of my ( Imaginary) album , it's going to be indie pop, with lil country sound ( from M ward) and unique sound ( Shugo's work). I want it to be fun album, something like you can play in your car with your friend ( in sober condition) and warm , and you can play the album and hear it with your grandma next to you.

Uh yeah but I dont want to loose my Indonesia feels, so I think I am gonna cover Chrisye song - Kala Cinta Menggoda, it's pretty good ( well legend song here in Indonesia, just search it on Google) , it's fun, unique, just hear it.

I think that's all my imagination, hope you enjoy my imagination

Ups, btw My friends said that I have tenor voice , I can sing as high as Sondre Lerche, But my voice is shaky and I cant hold a tune for a moment, BLAH


Whine whine whine

So here I am , writing new post, ilegally download M.I.A new album with Learning Psychology slide in front of me, listening into Chrisye (which is weird) and mind goes all around the world.

What does it means?


So what's my activity recently? surf in the internet, reading people's tweet ( which is so many junk and shit than something fun) , open up perez hilton ( just the page one) , open mangafox ( which there's no new manga and this is sux) and blah blah blah...

Tommorow I have 2 big test, yeah Learning and Personality Psychology , and my head is burnt, Arrrgghhh I need to runaway,


I Want To Shoot New Pitcures

I want Feist, JoJo , Sondre Lerche, Lily Allen , She and Him NEW ALBUM

I want to Backpacking

I want to eat CHINNESSE (Peking Duck Especially)

I want Tantowi Yahya back as judges on Indonesia Mencari Bakat

I want Putri Ayu's song

I want to kill My dictator Friends ( Hell Yeah)

I want Kakiang's Cream Puff

I want to go Cycling

I want Flapjack's Waffle

I want Fuji Instax

calm down calm down, I need to be chill and rock and roll at the same time ( huh, stupid). Well what i am gonna do later ( after the test ) , well well well I am tryung to write a song again , it's in Bahasa ( big luck on this ) , travelling a little , do another photoshoot with my friend's polaroid ( I want it to be indie summer chic ) , well that's just a plan but I hope I can do all.


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