What If Conversation

Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

I'm so done with my studying thing ( cant get anything inside my head ), well before I sleep , let start WHAT IF CONVERSATION

Let's start with WHAT IF I WAS A SINGER ?

Waw waw It's like a dream come true ( but come on I can sing or hold a note , Shit ) but but just Imagine it..

So I think I will work with ..

Lady Gaga ( Just kidding, who want see a fat boy shaking his big ass , wavering arm and sing EEEEEE STOP TELEPHONING ME EEEEEE, LOL)

So I will go with indie pop music, YES I WANT TO WORK WITH SHUGO TOKUMARU

Yes , HIM. I think his music is refreshing and original, with so many instrument on it, and happy sound, he's the perfect man to work with( btw I like his jacket on the pic )

M. Ward is also perfect man too, I am a big FAN of She and Him, and I want that sound too ( and I want zooey too)

SONDRE LERCHE. I'm dying to meet him and work with him, it's like aw aw. I want my first (imaginary) album is like second version of Faces Down, aw aw Great

SO the sound of my ( Imaginary) album , it's going to be indie pop, with lil country sound ( from M ward) and unique sound ( Shugo's work). I want it to be fun album, something like you can play in your car with your friend ( in sober condition) and warm , and you can play the album and hear it with your grandma next to you.

Uh yeah but I dont want to loose my Indonesia feels, so I think I am gonna cover Chrisye song - Kala Cinta Menggoda, it's pretty good ( well legend song here in Indonesia, just search it on Google) , it's fun, unique, just hear it.

I think that's all my imagination, hope you enjoy my imagination

Ups, btw My friends said that I have tenor voice , I can sing as high as Sondre Lerche, But my voice is shaky and I cant hold a tune for a moment, BLAH


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