Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Lay thousand happiness
And the beauty that we never saw on the land
somewhere beyond the sea


Today was Fairy Tale

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Today was a fairy tale
You told me I was pretty when I looked mess

taylor swift - today was fairy tale


I'm a Teacher

Hiya, btw recently I teach on kindergarden, give kids English lesson ( the lesson that I can do best ). And here's the pisc, well maybe there's just a few photos, maybe later I will post more.


Psyche = Butterfly

Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

This photo I took for pshycology video, it' kindda late to post it, but i think you should see it.


Green Hill

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

You want to go to Greenlland
But you left me on green hill
I built home from grass
and fairy help me
This is the hill that you've been forgoteen
cause happiness is here


Hanging out

Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

So today , I just hanged around with these girlas and took like crazy shoot, haha. It's not really good but it's not bad either. Dont be so hard on them


Sky Sky Sky

Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

I forget the color of the sky
and I forget how to fly


The Program

I'm the weapon of massive consumption
it's not my fault
it's my program to function

Lily Allen - The Fear


The Sky was Blue

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Waht do you think about new design of my blog? Well I kindda proud with the design , thanks to Peter who design this one. It's totally something that I really like, simple, white , sexy , vintage, hell yeah. Pity the flag hint was lost, hik hik .
Btw, the line of my blog is changed too, The Sky was Blue , it means a lot. You can said it's about our enviroment, said about people behavior, and so many.

ps : keep reading my blog, I hope you like it


New in Town

Jumat, 15 Januari 2010


Family Affair

Kamis, 14 Januari 2010

So my friends wanted me to shoot some of her pics with her sisters, well it's kindda fun and the theme was hoiday. It's fun to shoot them and her sister was cute and funny, so here is the pic

what do you think?


A Little More Personal

Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

So this blog is just turning into what we called photography blog , but I dont want to let that, so let's talk a bit about my self.
If you were first meet me, you'll think, who's this weirdo guy? or " Oh, he must be a fag" , or " For God sake, please shut his mouth" , yeah it must be the first impression that you will get me if you meet me for the first time. Yeah I know people around me think I'm super lame or freak or just like that but yeah wahtfuckever, I care with people opinion , so I HATE MYSELF, yes, maybe you would drop a comment and said like this " h, cmon man love yourself" or any fucking useless wise words for me , but if you just love yourself how you will change your bad thing in your life, Yeah I HATE MYSELF SO ICAN CHANGE TO BE A BETTER PERSON.

Maybe you would tsaid that I'm a FUCKING LIAR but I think I have a lil sixth sense thingy. Yup it bothered me when I was high school that the thing that I thought unconsiously, it was really happen. But Fuck with that, I dont want to have it. So let's just go on.

I have an alter ego , it's not because I am ...Sasha Fierce album so I make my own alter ego ( I really wonder is it true that Sasha Fierce exist ) , I called my alter ego Bagus ( my first name ) and he is religious one, deep thinking , serious, goth , and really different with Galih who is talk active, spontaneous and warm. Maybe you dont believe it but yeah it depends on you.

when I was three years old I had viruses on my brain , it called meningitis or what , so I fell to coma for three day and I was tainted for years, and the effect of thath sickness is my right hand is still lil tainted ( even I can use it well ) but it's hard to tell but my finger is kindda stiff ( hard to tell guys )

So that's all I can give to you, if you had any other question you can ask me on here


Calvin Harris look alike

Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

So I'm currently obssesed with this Brittish DJ, yes Calvin Harris, and his new music is cool and yeah you should buy them, btw I'm dying for his trademark glases, I think that one called fly eyes glasses. This is the one that he has :

So I'm trying to make my own and tada here it is

I know it's not really good one, but yeah I like it
so what do you think??


Ready for the Party

Minggu, 03 Januari 2010

get your hair dryer
blow some hair up
move some hip
and get ready to be crazy


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