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Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

So this blog is just turning into what we called photography blog , but I dont want to let that, so let's talk a bit about my self.
If you were first meet me, you'll think, who's this weirdo guy? or " Oh, he must be a fag" , or " For God sake, please shut his mouth" , yeah it must be the first impression that you will get me if you meet me for the first time. Yeah I know people around me think I'm super lame or freak or just like that but yeah wahtfuckever, I care with people opinion , so I HATE MYSELF, yes, maybe you would drop a comment and said like this " h, cmon man love yourself" or any fucking useless wise words for me , but if you just love yourself how you will change your bad thing in your life, Yeah I HATE MYSELF SO ICAN CHANGE TO BE A BETTER PERSON.

Maybe you would tsaid that I'm a FUCKING LIAR but I think I have a lil sixth sense thingy. Yup it bothered me when I was high school that the thing that I thought unconsiously, it was really happen. But Fuck with that, I dont want to have it. So let's just go on.

I have an alter ego , it's not because I am ...Sasha Fierce album so I make my own alter ego ( I really wonder is it true that Sasha Fierce exist ) , I called my alter ego Bagus ( my first name ) and he is religious one, deep thinking , serious, goth , and really different with Galih who is talk active, spontaneous and warm. Maybe you dont believe it but yeah it depends on you.

when I was three years old I had viruses on my brain , it called meningitis or what , so I fell to coma for three day and I was tainted for years, and the effect of thath sickness is my right hand is still lil tainted ( even I can use it well ) but it's hard to tell but my finger is kindda stiff ( hard to tell guys )

So that's all I can give to you, if you had any other question you can ask me on here


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