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Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

So here I am , writing new post, ilegally download M.I.A new album with Learning Psychology slide in front of me, listening into Chrisye (which is weird) and mind goes all around the world.

What does it means?


So what's my activity recently? surf in the internet, reading people's tweet ( which is so many junk and shit than something fun) , open up perez hilton ( just the page one) , open mangafox ( which there's no new manga and this is sux) and blah blah blah...

Tommorow I have 2 big test, yeah Learning and Personality Psychology , and my head is burnt, Arrrgghhh I need to runaway,


I Want To Shoot New Pitcures

I want Feist, JoJo , Sondre Lerche, Lily Allen , She and Him NEW ALBUM

I want to Backpacking

I want to eat CHINNESSE (Peking Duck Especially)

I want Tantowi Yahya back as judges on Indonesia Mencari Bakat

I want Putri Ayu's song

I want to kill My dictator Friends ( Hell Yeah)

I want Kakiang's Cream Puff

I want to go Cycling

I want Flapjack's Waffle

I want Fuji Instax

calm down calm down, I need to be chill and rock and roll at the same time ( huh, stupid). Well what i am gonna do later ( after the test ) , well well well I am tryung to write a song again , it's in Bahasa ( big luck on this ) , travelling a little , do another photoshoot with my friend's polaroid ( I want it to be indie summer chic ) , well that's just a plan but I hope I can do all.


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