Jumat, 19 April 2013

I know my blog is unpopular one
and no one is reading my blog
and I'm wondering why I bother myself to write or post something on this blog

back to the high school at my senior year I was introduced to the world of hipster by some friends, and I suck to it. I refuse to hear any mainstream songs (beside Hilary Duff - Dignity album), and starting analogue photography.

My favorite back then (even right now) was using Manual Focus, make it everything blurry then later put some random words like you will going to die tomorrow

here some of it, I think I use my uncle Nikonmat to take these pictures

Here some my hipster playlist

Sondre Lerche - Private Caller
Young Dreams - Young Dreams
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Song that We Sing
Alphabeat - Love Sea
Feist - Sealion
She and Him - Never Wanted Your Love

Now excuse me while I blast Perfume - One Room Disco and dancing crazily at my room


Engga C mengatakan...


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