New Experiment

Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

Hiya readers, it's been a week right or more , btw my college bussiness kills my mood to do something useful, MEH MEH, but but but, my friend's girlfriend ask me and my friend andika to do a favour. She asked us to make a video for my friend's birthday. Welll I have to admit that me and my friend have a problem with the lightning ( cause the room is too dark ) , yeah that's just a thng that bother in this video ( low budgeettttt remember , or you can say no budgeeeetttt ) , but I think it's pretty cute and also lovely. It used , she and him - why do you let me stay here , as the soundtrack, lovely.
Well you can watch the video below. I know it's still far from good , but it's a big step for me to try something new.


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