What if I got $1.000.000

Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

1. Going to Norwaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy, AHhhhhh my fucking dreammm, I just look at google pic and I think it's so damnn good place to go. Whoa look the pic below, the water is blue , and look so nice, tottaly go to this plcae

2. Partttyyyyyyyyy at the USA, lol, I think I'm so gonna go to LA, Wooohhhhooooo Partyyyyiinnggg.

3. Sent 2ne1 to a place that they can learn how to dress well, look at the picture below, I think Willy Wonka Choclate Factory has moved to their dress (sad sad)

4. Buy 1d Canon, yes yes yes, so want it so much (hik hik)

5. Buying Martha Stewart to be my maid!!!!

haha, so many things also, I really want to sent a doctor to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus so they can barter their genitals , so it will fit with their voice, LOL, haha tell me what you want to with $1.000.000


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