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Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

My IP for last semester is 2,96, so traggic , I just need o,04 to get 3, DUH DUH.
By the way, the reason I write this post to let you know why I choose psychology course instead my personal desire, photography course. Well sometimes I feel like I'm shitting my self, you know, I'm no good with this course (just look at my tragic IP), and my friends sometimes keep asking me how why not choose photography course, I have my own reason?
I feel fail as human, yeah sometimes I'm just so clueless about all the thing in the world, like How does it feel? Is it right behaviour? Is it good? Why people acted like that? Sometimes that question keep suffusing my mind.
I'm interested in human, more than anything in the world. Call it cliche but when my friend have a girlfriend or vice cersa, I feel like amazed with how they look to their lover. Like I can see the spark and I want to learn more about them , the emotion, love, all the thing.
I know maybe I'm not a good collegian,( I often read perez hilton while lecture, or I seldom study), DUH DUH, but I have will to move forward , and yeah someday I will be a great pshycologist, hope so.

ps : I really sorry for my bad english, you know my mother languange is Bahasa Indonesia, and this blog is the place to develop my English skill, so if you find any wrong dont bother to write the comment or shout at the side bar.
And also if you curious about my photography works, you can check it on the side bar ( at archieves) , cause in a while I will not post something about photography ( still taking a month hiatus ) , but maybe next week I plan to do some photoshoots, just pray for it!

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