My life recently

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

My life recently like this pitcure, no it's not sad or what (depending from the color) I mean it's like sailing boat. I should sail hard this week, the test are coming close, yaik 2 more days, and I'm not really prepared.
Btw after test I have many plan to do, like go traveling to Lombok with my friends, learn how to make stop motion video, decorated my room, making a concept video, lear some cool trick for fotography, and cooking. and also if i dont have to take re-test maybe I would able to go to Singapore and Malaysia ( even I prefer to go to like Perth or Sydney)
I will continue to write cheapfoodslut section , and it's really fun to write it, because I really love cheap food hahaaha

Leave this blog like for a week for sailing hardd in the sea of psychollogic, HEAVE HO


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