CheapFoodSlut AGAIN!!!

Senin, 03 Januari 2011

Hiya cheapfoodslut come again, and I just went to the best warung satay in Denpasar Town. Okay let's start judging
Located in waturenggong near SMA 2 denpasar ( not really far) this warung called warung Ari ( if you dont know what warung is, it's like a very small shop or restaurant), and dont bother by their a little dirty shop cause they provide the best fish satay in Denpasar. Yes you read it right, it Fish, and dont worry if you think the satay will smell bad, cause it's really smell good. And when you bite it you can still smell the goodness in your mouth. The taste is pretty sweet, lil savory , and it will be your instant favorite. But the bad thing their sambal ( it's traditional chili sauce ) are not really spicy, but if you're not a fan of spicy food you will love it. The good thing are you just need to spare your money like 8.000 rupiah to get a plate of rice , 8 sticks of fish satay and a bowl of soup ( i dont really like their soup, so you can ignore it btw)

That's all my review, keep eating cheap delicious food


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