Cuteness Alert

Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

Watch new She and Him music video for my favorite tunes Don't Look Back . Directed by Director Jeremy Konner this video will be your instant favorite. Take a look on the video below

To be honest Zooey not look at her best here ( I still remember the cuteness she brings on n the Sun video), but still the video was amazing. The concept were unique, try to combine future visual and vintage sound ,and the lightning and props were perfect. The dance was simple yet cute, and my favorite part was when Zooey dancing with Ne-yo ish guy ( LOL for Neyo ish) with orange backdrop , AHH so retro and cute. Too bad the Him, M Ward , didn't contribut much in this video , I really wish someday he will dance with Zooey in another video, because it's gonna be EPIC FUNNY, LOL.


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