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Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

If you like jazz music or indie pop music these two infamous band will ( or absolutely ) ROCKS ( oh wait wait why ROCK, okay JAZZING or POPPING ) your playlist

Fitness Forever

Well ignore the band name that make you freakingly tired cause their music are RELAXING to the max. Frankly i dont know from where this band come from, but I bet this band from Spanish ( maybe)
talk about their album that i had , Personal Train, consist 12 songs that's so good and you cant stop thumping your finger , nodding your head, cause their music which I describe Fun and Relaxing. download their album here

Advantage Lucy

Due to hardness to find their album on the internet I just found one song from them. The Japanese indie pop band, playing cheerfully at their best song ( for me ) Spur Line. When You heard this song, you will feel like you are in the hill, running with thousand balloons and then when the song end , you find yourself lying on the grass and feel HAPPY. Perfect song to cheer your bad day. Download the song here

PS : i'm really sorry for my bad English, I still learn it btw, hope you understand with all that I've written


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