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Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

If you love our countrydont just tweet #Indonesianunited, Buy our local product ,Support our local businessman.Okay maybe you're from the hives one.But just look to our local product
It's unique and amazingly good
this the example

this shoes I made from local shoes maker , and it's only spend me 200k-ish , well and the quality is pretty good. My cousin just looked at my shoes and thought I spent 1 million for this shoes. Ha Beat that

And this bag, i bought it from Surabaya, abnd everyone in my university was dying to have it( no hyperbole) , Look using our local product ( Indonesian Product ) you can still look good tho.

By using and buying our local product you given chance our people to have a job and better life. SO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR,USE OUR LOCAL PRODUCT


frontsize mengatakan...

Where do you make the shoes ? Will be of great help if you give me the exact shop. Thanks

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