My Music All the Time

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

My music of all the time. I cant get bored with 'em. Here is the list

Vanessa Carlton - Thousand Miles

Listen her makes me think of fairy land, so peace and beatiful. With splendid tune of her piano, the song are too beautiful to be true.

JoJo - How To Touch a Girl

My R n B baby, writed the beautiful song with lil bit of jazz sound on it. Everytime I heard this song, I'm ready to fly. I still cant belive that this song is floop.

Sondre Lerche - Say it All, I wanna Call it Love, Let My Love Open the Door

My indie Hero, 3 songs and 3 different genre. Say it all is a folk rock song which is fun and such a happy song. I wanna call it love is a jazz song which has beautiful lyric, and Let my love open the door is a cover from Pete and Townhead, such a lovely song. I defo will sing this song at my wedding for my fiance

The Beatles - I want to Hold Your Hand , Yesterday

Who doesn't fall in love with the beatles music. Two of em are my favorites

Lily Allen - The Fear

Best lyric all the time. Go Lily. I love your idea to write the thing about celebrtity life, make funny with 'em.

And for you sory that I cant give ou a link to download this musc because I want you to buy their CD and suport 'em


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