Revealed The Closet : part 1

Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Hey, I just open up the closet and I would share the things that live in my closet. FYI, I'm not a fashion addicted, but if it is about a jcket, it's a another story. Well I have more than 8 jackets / sweater, but now I will show you the half of my collection

paris jacket- price:unknown

von dutch jacket - price: unknown ( my brother gave it to me )

effect-price unknown ( my brother gave it to me)

it just a little of my collection, just wait for the next episode


Benjoan Kiko mengatakan...

lih, hunting yuk! med aku libur!

ur military jacket yg putih dong!

hastosaday mengatakan...

yuk, kapan maunya
militer jaket ku kujual ke ode
kasian dya , soalnya mukanya dya dah kepengen bgt

dirtyditi mengatakan...

you do couture, don't cha?

hastosaday mengatakan...

maksud couture???
ni mah cuma ngaco2 ngisi waktu

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