Plan to do on My Holiday

Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

It's holiday time but there's a list I want to do

1. Study. well maybe you're wondering why I should study on my holiday, but I nhave to if I want to continue my study in Psycologic lesson. Hope I can pass the test. Need study hard. DUH

2. Earn some money. Actually my friend, Amandari, had offered me a job to make pre-pre-wedding photos, it would be

3. Save some Money. Remember to buy converse punk-look shoes, it so expensive but worth it.Save money Galih. Dont always use your ATM.

4. Finished my story. I've made a story called Filsafat 17 tahun which has I made one year ago. I just want to finished it so you guys can read it.

5. Read Your Book. Well I bought a book called A thousand Splendid Sun when I was in Taiwan and I am not even finished it yet. Duh.

6. Book a hotel. I get a voucher to freely rest a night at Sovitel, 5 star hotel. Wooo it's gonna be great


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