Lame Award

Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

Lame Singer - Miley Cyrus
She's really has an awful voice. Or I should say she sings like a dude. Why people loves her? She's so not important.

Lame Book - Twilight
This book just overexposed Edward Cullen. I'm so tired to read 3 pages to explain about Edward body. He's so masculine, his muscle was bla blabla, his lip was blala. EWW Fuck off

Lame TV Show - Inayah
I couldn't stop laughing when I watch this show. It's not such as funy show but it is so ridiculous. Yeah Ridiculous to the MAX

Lame Food - Salad
Why peole wasted their money to buy this food. I really hate this food especially for the mayonaisse.

Lame Quote - Huge by Paris Hilton
Now she changes her favourite quote That's Hot into That's huge. She said huge is never be false. So Ms. Hilton what da ya think if you see Andina??

Lame Actrees - Manohara
After her traggic marriage exposed to the media, she try her opurtunity in tv show and the result is awful. She really cant do an acting. She still smile in crying scene. Duh

Lame photographer - Alex Evans
He dare to call himself a photographer while he just shoot himself. Bah. And people just too overated to him just because his prettiness. DUH


Benjoan Kiko mengatakan...

I love salad and twilight :)

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