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Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

This is the photos are included at Smansa YearBook, well and this is the photos of my class. We took retro times as main concept and every photos should tell story of live in retro times. So here it is the photos and the story

The girls was in the market and two girls ( red and black one ) just waited for their lover and the rest just walka way for shopping
The girl ( the black dreess ) was mad to the other girls because they were gossiping about her.
The guys are just sit down and relax ( nongkrong ) in the street, waiting for the cute girls who cross the street so they could flirt on them.

The boss just finished his bussiness at the bank so he wanted to go back to his house so his servant open the car for the boss and the body guard, guard him from danger.

Rich people just too arogant at retro times, they ordered poor people to clean their shoes and laughed on him.

The girl just met at the street and make a plan for what they were gonna do

Criminals in the retro times were high, every day the criminals forced somebody to give their money. ps: me as the victim
Love love. Whatever the time love still exist.
The girls just found something weirdo, so they pointed at it and laughed about it.
It's girl day. They were just talking , gossiping and having fun

Pick pocket. The people try to catch him but the other people just sat and watched cause they didn't know what happened

They had no rule. All they loved just riding motorbike and destroyed everything.


Photographer: encik / aditheya
model : p4 class
outfit : models's own outfit
creative director : galih and wungsu
place : Kreneng market


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