That why I love to vote

Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

Just few hours ago, I'd done my first vote for presidential election. Whooa I was so excited to it. But the main reason I got excited was if I voted, I would be able to get free milk coffe at starbucks. Woohoo.
So after I'd done my election thing, I rushed to the nearest Starbuck store and showed my inked finger. Then the waiter just said " Hot or the cold one" I said "cold". Yeah. ANd the most supringsly thing was I could refiil the coffee. Oh God, starbucks ya know how to make us happy.

the coffee

my inked finger and lovely coffee


samanthasiahaanxvi mengatakan...

you vote only to get starbucks ? sick ! hahaaaa

Bagus Galih Hastosa mengatakan...

becndalah, tp emng penyemangat sih, wkwkwk

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