Farewell Private Party

Senin, 13 Juli 2009

So my classmates and I made a Farewell Private Party in Sewu Nusa Villa , in Payangan Ubud. Msotly all the people were joined to this events, but some people had other reason to not come such as her mother sick, orthe parents not permitted and the most ridicoulust reason was fear being raped. BAH.
Okay forget about that, we arrived at Payangan at 1 pm, and then we look aroud the villa. The villa were good but just had 3 bed rooms. With 28 boys ( the girls were in other villa ) the bed rooms were totally cant fit us .

Then we started to have a lunch. We had nasi campur for a lunch and it's pretty good because we were so starving. After that, the other boys were starting to play a war with toy gun. I want to join but Eldy, borrow my leather jacket as protector so I decided to just help the girls served jelly as our snacks.

The war was pretty fierce. I'm glad that me and the other people who didn't join to that got their wrong shoot.Like 30 minutes, the played like crazy then they decided to swimming. I was coming to, but the water , for God's sake, was freakin cold. But we had great time . We jumped, swimmed and had fun.

It's 5 o'clock and we had to prepare the dinner. I was helping the girls with the fish with Dika and Wawan, and the other had to prepare the grill. Yes we wanted to have grilled fish. Yum, Yum.

We finished the food like less than 10 minutes, ha. Cus it was great great food. At the night, we played the film or slideshow about us which is made by several of us. It was funny video.
Then we had malam renungan, but this was sucks so let's skip that
And the night came, the boys start to had beers ( okaythey had 32 beers ) but I cant drink that , so I started to sleep. But the boys were REALLY NOISY. ARRGGH i really wanted to scream. Please gave me sleep.
The next morning our villa were such a mess,ha. But that's okay lah as long as we got fun there.

Good bye friends. See ya Again

namaste ( lol )


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