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Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

Hiya, it's been long time that I dont post music for you guys. Well, my internet conection was soo slow last month , so here it is, my play list

sondre lerche - heartbeat radio

My hero brand new song, complete with enchating melody and beautiful lyric. The intro just make you want to hear hear it until finish and start to play it again. With sounds of the violin this song definetly rock your summer holiday. Put it on your car, and sing it with your friend, it's will be fun.

ps: Hit me if you dont like this song

jojo - 25 to life

The song just leak in the internet without confirmation it is in her new album or not. But definetly it's not her first single of her new album. Back to the song is midtempo rnb song, with weirdo beat at the chorus. I used to dont like the song at the beggining, but after hearing it again and again, it just a fun song. Jojo voice is really clear in this voice and still powerful, or I should say more powerful than before.

the pierce - secret

My friend gave me this song like 1 year ago, because it' a soundtrack of Gossip Girl which i never care, So i never listen to it. But when I first listen this song until it off ( like last week), i think it's kindda fun song with goth atmosphere. But the end of the song is so ridiculous.

paolo nutini - ten out of ten

such a parade song, totally different from other song in his new album, Sunny Side Up , really fit to listen it in the morning to make your day. His voice , which is like a man in his 50, kindda bothered the song. But the song is a way too good


Benjoan Kiko mengatakan...

lagunya jojo yg lyricnya "I just want to know her name bla bla" itu apa judulnya lih?

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album ke berapa ben, kayaknya ga da deh

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