Toy Boy

Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

Once upon a time in a big city, there’s lived a young girl named Jane Cartman. She’s delicate as flower, sweet as sugar, and pretty as moon. Her father, was a rich person in the town. He’s so arrogant. For him prestige was number one. He also overprotected his daughter. He never allowed a poor boy to have a relationship with his daughter.
But Jane had a big secret; she fell in love with a blacksmith son, Gerard. They always met at midnight in the nearest park when no one’s around. There, the couple would cuddle, sang their love song, and look upon the stars.
“My Dear Jane, how lucky I am to have a girl who shines like a star, who tenders like a cloud, who graces like a swan.”
“Your words always make me want to fly, but please never let me fly, because in your arm I want to stay.”
And then they kissed. They always do that every night. Always. But someday Mr. Cartman felt under the weather. So he asked his maid to buy a medicine. When she headed to the alchemist shop, she spotted Jane kissed Gerard. Shocked with that, she rushed to Mr.Cartman mansion and told her mister. Mr. Cartman couldn’t hear what he’d just heard. He worried all the good prestige had he made, broke if people knew this news.
He waited at Jane’s room. Waiting until she came back from her secret date. When she finally arrived, he slapped her and said
“What I always tell you, NEVER HAD A RELATION WITH POOR PEOPLE, do you want to break this family prestige. “
“But that my heart belongs to him, I’ll never let him go.”
“Don’t be such a Shakespeare in front of me. If you want a love , daddy can find many rich man in this country. They had cart, they can give you jewels, all the thing you want. WRITE IT, ALL THE THING THAT YOU WANT. Then what that ghetto boy can give to you, heart-shaped iron. BAH.
“He can give me love”
“Bah. Don’t make me laugh again. Over your relationship now, it’s not discussion, it’s an order!”
Jane cried all night long. Next day she couldn’t skip to the park cause her room was locked and guarded. In other hand, Gerard was confused with Jane abstained. So he sneaked to Jane’s mansion. As he arrived in, he shocked because al the house was guarded. So he moved slowly, try to dodge from the guard, then he quickly broke Jane’s room key.
It’s like a dream when Jane Saw Gerard faces on the door. She hugged her, crying on his shoulder. Then she told him what just had happened and he asked Gerard to take her away. But he couldn’t take her easily. His father and sick and no one’s tale care of him. If he ran away with her, he worried something bad happened to him.
Jane was disappointed that he couldn’t take her away but she understudied with his responbility to take care his family. Then Gerard gave her a wind- up toy, it’s old and had many flaws. He told her that the toy was a left from her dead mother.
“When I was five, my mother just back from the market. I knew she still sick but I she forced herself to buy me a toy just to make me happy. But later her disease just became wilder and more dangerous. Several days later, she said to me that I should be strong and take care of my father too. If I miss her just remember to the toys that she gave.”
“If it’s so important to your life, why you give it to me?”
“But you’re important too, I want when you’re missing me, this toy can make you remember about me.”
“I will save it. This is more important than all I have. “
He kissed her a while then rushed to get out from the mansion.
Jane saw the toy like the way she saw Gerard, she just felt like Gerard’s soul is in the toy. Every day she played with the doll, dressed it like the boy she love, kiss him with every love that she had. Mr. Cartman obviously didn’t know the toy existence. Every time when he went to Jane’s room, Jane had hided it under her bed.
It’d been 1 month after the incident; Jane had missed Gerard so much, and toy existences couldn’t entertain her. Jane was crying so hard until her eyes couldn’t drop any tears, and she said
“I know you’re here to cheer me up, Mr. Toy, but I can’t help myself. I really miss him. I wish you’re alive and help me. I just wish..”
Then magic happen, the toy just alive. It shook its head, got up from the bed.
“Young Lady, I know all you’re worry and sadness, I will make you happy. All your dream will come true.”
“But how could help me? And how could you alive?”
“Your pure love had give me power , power to make a dream come true. Well lady, I think we should go now.”
“Where will we go?”
“To the place your heart belong to”
With toy boy help, Jane could go out from her mansion. It broke the key chain, defeated all the guard, so Jane could safely got out. They rushed so fast to Gerard house. When Gerard opened his door he shock that was Jane who knocked his door. But the most surprisingly thing was when he saw the toy boy jump from Jane’s shoulder. He couldn’t believe it. So Jane told everything was happened and the toy boy suggest them o run away to other country so they could start new life peacefully, without Mr.Cartman disturbing.
Gerard wanted to say yes but then he remembered his father.
“I can’t do that, how could I leave my sick father?”
Then suddenly Gerard’s father appeared.
“Ha, so this hag bothers your happiness, just go my son, pursuit your happiness.”
“But father, how about you”
“Nothing’s gonna happen with old man like man, HA.”
“I mean how if your sickness becomes worse, how if you die?”
“Listen son, I live for many years, and my happiest day were when I had your mom you’re born. When your mom died you’re my only the best thing in my life. How could I see my happiness couldn’t get his happiness? I am too long in this world, son. Die doesn’t mean a bad thing. If I die, surely I can be together with your mom, someone I belong to. So go son, make your happiness.”
Gerard hugged his father for the last time, he knew he couldn’t see his face anymore. Then his father kiss Jane’s forehead and said “Take care of my son.” He a little bit shocked when he saw the toy boy, but then he shook its hand. When they said good bye, Gerard’s father felt little sad but so relief. Then he closed the door, went for a sleep. He dreamed about his wife, his happiness. And he didn’t want to wake up. Forever.
In other hand , Mr. Cartman was shocked with his daughter run away. So he ordered all the guard to catch Gerard at their house but they’d found nothing but his father corpse with smiling face. He’s so frustrated, he ordered all his people to search for them, but they always failed. Then because of its frustrations he became crazy and poor. All of his colleague never admit his as a friend. So he live sadly. So sad until death came to him.
Back to Jane, Gerard , and toy boy, they just go to overseas country so Mr. Cartman couldn’t find them. There they start live from a beginning. Gerard worked as a blacksmith there, and Jane taught kids with the toy boy. They live poorly, but they were happy, because they were in the place that they belong to be.

ps: i still cant make a beautiful word, huh, I really need such strong word, but wtf. So leave me comment. I know it's not really good, but it's kinnda fun. My fav part is the conversation betwen Gerard and his father


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