Life After Life

Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Have you ever wondered about death

Or I should call a life after life

Is that heaven is a good place

Is that heaven is a bad place

Are we good enough to go to heaven

Or we are bad enough to go to hell

Why we should always fear abouth death

Or always happy about life

Is there any mal at heaven

Or an interenet to connect to our facebook

Is there any blackberry

Is there any starbuck

What if the answer is no

You will fear to dead right

I’m not saying that I love death

And hate life

I just hate the way peple treat each other

I just hate to think that when we laugh

Somebody outhere cry

I just hate hate

I’m not saying that I’m not scared of death

I do scare of death

I just confused

Confused to choose the right way in this world

If there any question

Hell or heaven

I don’t want to go to hell

Neither heaven

I just want to sleep

Or we call nirvana

Where I don’t need come back to this world

And live peacefully


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