Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Talk about eargasm, I always got excited when my faves featured other artist in their album. So I think this time I will share you the most eargasming duet or whatever if it's really happen T.T]

Sondre Lerche x Feist

They had the most sensual and sexiest voice in my itunes, and you know how I adore Sondre Lerche and Feist. Making a pop jazz duet will be a freaking epic just like what Sondre did with Regina Spektor on Hell No ( sexiest song ever). I pray everynight for sondre making a Jazz album again and again, and Feist notice Sondre existance so they could make a duet, PLEASE GOD.

Perfume x Calvin Harris

I love Calvin Harris, I remember the day I discovered him, I was blown away by I am Not Alone , and ended up play it out loud until my neighboorhood shout at me. He's amazing Dj and producer, and I wished he got famous and famous. And yes my prayer was answered, after Produce Rihanna Smash song, We Found Love, Calvin get more more more famous and treathen David Lame Guetta's wig.But , I dont know what happenned, Calvin just release his 3rd singles for his next album called Let Go with irrelevant Ne-Yo. The song itself just a rip off from his soon to be clasicc We Found Love, and I Feel So Close
I hope Calvin will back to his roots as electronic musician not some Ibiza pop, so why not giving him a duet with these 3 Jappanese girl android, Perfume. Perfume's music is somehow edgy and unique not something that you can find usually at club. It's going to be a perfect combination.

Shugo Tokumaru x Zooey Deschanel

Shugo Tokumaru's music is fun and cute so does Zooey Dechanel's image. So why not combine it? uuuuhh I dont know if I can handle the cuteness overload if it really happen.


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Feist feat Mastodon \m/

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