Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Introduced you my new favorite singer and it's from Japan, here it come Perfume!!

First listen of their song, I was like " Did these girl eat computer as their dessert" , with an overdosed autotune in their voice , it's tottaly unlogical to love these 3 girls. So with a couple listen, I can really see the concept that Perfume try to sell.

Futuristic, Modern, and Cuteness!

listen to their song called " Chocolate Disco" and it's discribe all of Perfume concept. The song itself is fun , quirky, and make you fall in love instantly. Taking a new level of pop electro music, their producer,Yasutaka Nakata, surely a genius one. Bringing some club music that you will never heard in West country, named Perfume as unique yet charming girl group not only in Japan yet World.

Perfume Charm not only lays in their catchy music or even their android voice, the dancing always be the ace of their sucssess . Their dancing is kindda diferent with the other Girlband in Japan or Korean, their move is somewhat look easy but very sharp and also robotic. In some interview they said that they want a choreography that not overtop the song, but something that can goes with the song

Their PV for their song "Glitter is the best example to describe my words. Look their dancing maybe look easy ( pointing finger to head and etc) but if you look closely some other dancing need a really sharp move that kindda hard to do it. And in this video I like their robotic dancing , really suits their music.

So how do their live performance?

too bad the girls always lipsync like in entire show due their voice cannot be edit with vocoder at the same time in live performance. But, when they do a concert it means that there's gonna be alot of fierce dancing and also mega effect like laser , mannequine, video that make you forget that their lipsync their ass in entire show.

with their new international deal, I cant wait for them to dominating the world, YAY!


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