Selasa, 10 April 2012

Random News

I was bored to death so I just make this post. It's about the thing I like and surround me so here is the news

Fairy Tail Anime are going to be on filler episode ( means that they have a scene that doesn't include in the manga) and it's a good thing to me because I always enjoy Fairy Tail filler anime, and i dont really like the anime itself due my I've follow the manga everyweek. The filler itself usually has more comedy and some b-side character play a major role. And the rumor said that Lucy ( my fav char) will have a major role in this arc. I cant wait!

Perfume will released a single this April, 11th April exactly, for their latest music with Universal Music called Spring of Life. The Song itself slay my life back and forth. I wish they got number one spot this week. Perfume for World Domination.

and their video clip for the song JUST AWESOME, enough to end your career faves, and became the next thing Lady Gaga would copy for her next 1 hours video (only god knows that)

The legend said that whereever you go, you'll always end up at the weird part of youtube. So I found the Doraemon live action which tell about the Nobita cs in their 30s promoting the Toyota car, and it's so damnn funny and nostalgic. FUCK I MISS DORAEMON

and the news about me is I am going to have another photoshoot in Ubud with my boss Dewandra Djelantik at Ubud, it's going to be fun yet tired as fuck so Pray for me to not getting knackered instantly


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