Minggu, 27 September 2009

Dear P & P

Well First couldn't say your real name here, because I still have a good etiqute. First i'd like to say thank you for a hardwork that you'd done to us ( new college student at FK ), and I heard that you were not sleeping too at that time cause all the strees that you had, to think about us in orientation. I'm grateful with all you had done to us.
But this is the point why I write this post : YOU CANT ORDER US WITH ALL THE SILLY ORDER THAT YOU GIVE. Yes, after orientation passed, your disease, I think, have spread to all over your body. You cant control yourself, you dont know how to act in situation. And your disease is HYPERACTIVE or I should say ATTENTION SEEKER. You think all you had done was funny, but all you did was shamed us to the MAX. TAKE A NOTE. SHAME US TO THE MAXIMUM LIMIT. Couldn't you imagine how our senior or at least other faculty think when you ordered us to do our dance routine a the street? They didnt think we were crazy in the good way, they just thought WHAT THE HELL?
I know you admire our senior and want to be like them, but have you ever thought that all the thing that you do is not good? Have you ever think that our senior might be hate you? Dont you know that you bring our name too?
You have an obssesion and I couldn't blame on it. You want to be a leader and I am not gonna fuzz on it. But with your behaviour and thing that you've done, I could grant that there's no one could vote you on election for the leader.
Here I'm not trying to make such as controvertion or something to demolish the solidness of our group or society, but I dont want our group is solid for the bad thing, if you still order us with your personality like that. And last words from me FUCK YOU.

your sincerly, Hastosa

ps why you have to be this silly? You ol BASTARD


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