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Senin, 21 September 2009

Hiya my reader, been long time I haven't post any literature or part of my life ( even it's ot important at all), but hey I'm still going to write it.

what I've been up to - well, as you know I'm college student now, yay. Everyday I have to go to school at 8 and finish at 4, waw. And also dont forget aout my text book which is contain from 734 pages, and always on my backpack. I fell like someday my back gonna revenge from every weight that I give to him. WEKS

what are you listening into - Sondre Lerche, well I had my a review below, and I still repeat it on my itunes. And also I really dig Mika's new album, Jojo - Around the world. Highly recomended.

are you making a new friend - definetly do, I meet such a great people in the college such as Augi, Audy, Lokita, Denny, Arie, Gung Arie, Marco,Wara, De Gus,Lokita, and many more. And also I meet so much jerkass and attention seeker, cant tell you their name. Just keep it a secret.

what are you reading- I seldom read a novel right now. But I read Peterpan 2 by Dave barry, but not finished it yet.

any idea for for next post - yes, I have so much idea and I just need a good time to release it. I just shooted Peter with his smoke, and I kindda like it even it just simple photo. Then I am gonna continue the Color of The Wind session with different model. Also I'm gonna write a poem called Pirate's Son. It's about a boy who lives under his father shadow. well Just wait

ps : I'm so apologize with my bad English, you can comment me to correct it.


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