Why ( Galih's Poem )

Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Why I wasn't born to be Robert Pattison?
So people will always adore me
and never underestimate me
Why God gave this body?
So people just call me a fag

Why I have such a fussy mouth?
To say fuck you to everyone that I hate
And why I always call the number on the phone?
Do I have a real friend who always hear my story?
or they just try to be polite?

Sometimes when I sleep
I dont want to wake up
I'm tired of this world
And 'm tired to be fake

Why I always be a copycat?
Do I dont have a brain to think?
or maybe I'm fucking useless
And why people keep smiling on me?
Even they hate me so much

Why I'm girlfriendless
Do I so that ugly?
Or i'm freaking weird
And why I keep smiling?
Do I am a little bit crazy?

I am so sorry if I do false
But It's okay if you hate me
Cause i never ask you to like me

Why i keep writing on my blog?
Cause no one would care about this poem
And my blog is such a douchebag
And why I keep doing photograph?
Cause I know I have no talent

I just want to live like the others
Not being fierce and indie
Just such a normal life
Peace and happy

Why I keep loving people?
While no people love you


samanthasiahaanxvi mengatakan...

FUNNY and very good ! WELL DONE hastosa :)

1.why i wasn't born to be robert pattison? i dont like him.FUGLY!
2.who called you fag?
3.why i always be a copycat?thanks god you realize it, but you have BRAIN.hello !
4.why im girfriendless, do i so ugly ? haha.

dont be fake be yourself, life is just awesome....see you <3

Bagus Galih Hastosa mengatakan...

1. I dont like him, but i think so many people adores him and if he acts bad people still adores him.
2. I mean people always call me fag so I ask why God gives me this body
3. I know it from first time, you dont need to pretend it, if you dont like me just say it in front of me, it would be nice
4. well, it's kinnda personal

Samantha Siahaan mengatakan...

you know you love me.

Bagus Galih Hastosa mengatakan...

g ngudeng aku

LipKisser mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
LipKisser mengatakan...

well, sam's totally right.
are u being fake?
if u are, then stop.

oh, n if you hate him so much, why do you even wanna be RP?
Screw it. Some people are not that shallow, looks don't always matter.
Don't wish for something so impossible and worthless.

Oh, the thing about the mouth? so true.
Try to restrain yourself for real this time, coz you never do.

does being ugly or girlfriendless bother you so much? I am boyfriendless at the moment, and that's fine. You don't need anyone else to feel good about yourself. If you are then you're sick.

You know what I'll say.
Screw it.
Screw people.
Just because we're different doesn't mean we're ugly.
At the risk of sounding to chessy and being such a cliche; people are beautiful in their own way.

you're not stupid. or at least, not that stupid. you can trust me on this one.

Did you do photography because you want people to say you're good? Don't. Do it coz you feel good.

overall, I simply think you whine too much, yanoe, it sucked.
what is it, ehm, cari pengakuan? yep that's rthe right term.
just don't. like I said, you don't need anyone else to feel good about yourself.
Grow up, Lih.

P.S. You can bet your ass that I'm a real friend who hears stories. And you know better than anyone else that I'm never saying sweet nothings just to polite to you. Cold hard truth, my friend. Only cold hard truth.

Samantha Siahaan mengatakan...

LIKE BANGET NI FITRI INI KEREN SKALIH ! august 5 jadi FITRIH ? i need to see you <3

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