From Smansa Music Festival

Kamis, 06 Agustus 2009

Actually I was not really interseted to come to this festival cause even I was the student in there I couldnt stand to watch it for 2 hours. So two days ago, I came as alumni , and I arrived at 3 ( so late ) but whatever. The contestant was awful. I think they're trying to be like Death Matalica, cause all i could hear it just growl.
Then one fresh air was coming. The band name's Quinna or Prima ( I was not hear well ) , and all the band was girl. I thought it was pretty cool. But they played so badly, I mean the guitaris, bassit, played without moving or shaking ( i.e. BORING)
Okay so forget about the instrument player, cause the vocalists ( two girls ) was awesome, they're shaking, rocking, moving their body, waving ther hair.
You GO Girls


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