Forever and Always

Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

And the cloud covers up the sun

Like this day is gonna be a long day

There’s no reason why this smile fades away from the face

Or could this be a getaway to happiness

How could you be kind all the time?

Without think about yourself

Is that your love too much for yourself?

You’ll always be water on Sahara dessert

Be a hero on every war

You’ll always be star on the darkest night

Shine the world with your little heart

Please tell me

How do you melt the ice?

And make a river on my eyes

I wish I could say sorry

But why you should go?

Into darkness that I can’t imagine

If I go to your place

I will get burn from all the thing that I had done to you

And If I climb the highest mountain

I will see you as an angel

And you will always be my Hassan

Forever in my Heart

ps: inspired by Kite Runner book, by Khaled Hosseini


CherryVomit mengatakan...

Loving the effect it gave! YOu are very creative! Keep it up.
Check out my blog if you want.

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