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Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Just face it
That our lifes it's not like in the movies
And we cant just singing and dancing
if we had a problem
like High School Musical

And our lives are not fun as Harry Potter
Study at Howgrats
and play with magic

Maybe someday we can borrow ET's bike
And we are flying to the moon
Or maybe someday we could go Willy Wonka's factory
Eating chocolate as much as we want

Let's have plenty kids
Just like in Cheaper by the Dozen
It's gonna be handful
But it will be so much fun

Wish we have a wardrobe
So we could run away to narnia land
defeat the white witch and be king for a night

But we have a fun life
We didn't have to fight with voldemort
or have problem with that fag Edward

We dont know our ending
But now, i think we are in happy scene
Just let it flow


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